Airbus took off with four broken windows

Airbus took off with four broken windows
Airbus took off with four broken windows

Aircraft took off from London’s Stansted Airport with four of its windows badly damaged as the crew failed to notice the problem.

The Airbus A321 took off from the airport last month with four damaged windows, two of which were missing, according to UK air accident investigators.

The aircraft was carrying a total of 20 people, including 11 crew members, and had destination of Orlando International Airport in Florida.

After take-off and while the aircraft had arrived at altitude 14,000 feet, the problem was discovered and a forced diversion and landing was made.

The investigative agency’s report was released this week and points out that there could be very serious consequences from negligence and the things would have been much more difficult if the plane had climbed to a higher altitude.

Passengers noticed that he sounded older noise “than usual” and a member of the crew pointed out that “he was so strong that he could damage the hearing».

The full extent of the damage was revealed following a thorough investigation following its landing at Stansted.

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