Naomi Campbell poses naked with nails covering her body

Naomi Campbell poses naked with nails covering her body
Naomi Campbell poses naked with nails covering her body

THE Naomi Campbell she was photographed for the American designer Alexander Wang and specifically for the Resort 2024 collection and among other things, she posed completely naked, only with nails covering her body.

According to a statement from the brand, this campaign “explores the challenges and the idea of ​​transformation through strong, dynamic and dominant women, which Naomi embodies”.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with CR Fashion Book, Wang reveals why he chose Naomi for his campaign. “Naomi is the ultimate “Alpha” woman. She possesses this unimaginable, dynamic spirit that is constantly evolving and is always ready for the next step. And this is the true representation of the Alexander Wang woman. I’ve always wanted to work with her and this collection felt like the right time. She is a ‘chameleon’ even in these moments of transformation, while still being Naomi,” he said.

The designer also mentioned that the metal spikes, the studs, act as a second skin, an armor, an expression of strength and power – almost as if they give femininity sharp edges. “For this collection, we wanted to expand the idea of ​​transformation both literally and figuratively,” he concludes.

The designer is trying to make a comeback after his downfall. He was accused of poor working conditions in sweatshops, followed by sexual harassment allegations.

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