Clear mandate: Fill Greece with electricity

Clear mandate: Fill Greece with electricity
Clear mandate: Fill Greece with electricity

The Prime Minister’s order to the relevant Ministries for the country’s immediate transition to electrification is clear…

The reduction of gaseous pollutant emissions from the transport sector is a key priority for the Hellasas it moves towards achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

In accordance with Revised National Energy and Climate Planelectrification is a key means of achieving these goals.

The plan wants an impressive increase in the number of electric cars on the roads of Greece within the next 7 years. In particular, in the basic scenario, it is predicted that 30% of the new cars that will be registered will be electric, while in the most optimistic scenario this percentage amounts to 50%.

The key to this success is the promotion of electrification through financial measures. Subsidy programs and initiatives such as “Moving Electric”, the “Green Taxi” action, etc. So far, applications for subsidies have been submitted for more than 31,000 electric or hybrid vehicles.

Where do we charge?
According to the plan, by 2030 they should be created around 9,000 new public charging pointswhile up to 13,000 charging points will be needed by 2025.

The cars are not the only medium to be electrified. The plan also calls for increasing the number of electric light trucks, from about 30,600 today to more than 460,000 by 2030.

Greece is located at a critical time to transition to a more sustainable mode of transport. The plan to “fill the country with electric vehicles” is a step in the direction of green mobility and environmental protection.

The issue is to give serious financial incentives so that the world can move forward in this very important and costly transition…


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