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Two successive atmospheric disturbances will affect the country’s weather from Friday 10/11 to Monday 13/11.

In Thessaly we expect rain from the afternoon to the evening from west to east. The rains will return heavier on Monday

According to the latest forecast data from / Athens National Observatory, the main characteristics of the weather will be:

Regarding the first day of the coming bad weather, Friday 10/11the first atmospheric disturbance will cause from noon rains and storms in the Ionian and in the western and southwestern continental regions, which by the evening will extend to Macedonia and the rest of Thessaly, Sterea and Peloponnese as well as the south of Crete. The phenomena in the Ionian and in the western and southwestern continentals will be strong in places and will be accompanied by hailstorms. The following maps show the rain expected in the afternoon and early evening hours of Friday 10/11 as well as the areas with an increased chance of hail. Black and white dots mark areas with an increased chance of hail with small hail, while red triangles mark areas with an increased chance of hail with larger hail.

In the Ionian Sea, southerlies will prevail at noon and in the afternoon winds up to 7 Beaufort which from the first evening hours will become westerlies up to 5 Beaufort. In the Aegean the winds will turn southerly up to 6 Beaufort from the afternoon. THE temperature it will show a slight drop in places.

According to the classification of the precipitation episode (RPI), which is applied by the Meteo unit of the National Observatory of Athens, the precipitation episode for Friday 10/11 is classified as Category 3 (Significant). It should be noted here that the categorization refers to the country as a whole and that the effects in the west and south-west will be strong in places and caution is advised.

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