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NIKI…”ploughs” Patras” with offices and targeted actions from Saturday

NIKI…”ploughs” Patras” with offices and targeted actions from Saturday
NIKI…”ploughs” Patras” with offices and targeted actions from Saturday

Patras is a city with citizens who have a strongly developed democratic and patriotic feeling. It is a key city for us and for this very reason we focus on continuous actions in your area”.

In the above words of executives of the Democratic Patriotic Victory Movement towards the “Peloponnisos”, the importance given by the party at the central level, in Achaia and especially in Patras, is clearly reflected. The last example is, after all, event of Saturday 11/11/2023 which will be organized by Niki in Patras, in the presence of the head of the party Dimitris Natsios. In fact, on the occasion of his arrival in our city, Mr Dimitris Natsios he will also inaugurate the offices of Niki in Georgiou A’ square (specifically at the address Gerokostopoulou 22), while he is expected to have meetings with citizens and institutions of the area.

The Achaean MP of the party Spyros Tsironis, speaking to “P”, emphasized: “Patras indeed maintains one of the most active Niki communities in Greece” he admitted, “The citizens of Achaia show great interest in issues concerning everyday life, but also in serious issues, such as digital totalitarianism, i.e. new identities, plastic money and the dangerous combination of these two” emphasized Sp. Tsironis and added: “Our goal is to inform the large community of Niki members in our area, but also the rest of the world, for all the above issues that pose risks to our security and our democracy. Some insist on deliberately talking about digital integration, but in reality it is digital totalitarianism in disguise. Niki is not a one-issue party. He listens to the conditions of society, because he is an integral part of it. We will be next to the citizens on many levels, which we also proved at the event for women with breast cancer. Everything we said before the election, we put into practice after the election.”

Mr. Tsironis revealed, in fact, that other thematic events will be organized in the next period. One of them, in fact, will focus on urban gardens, i.e. how each citizen will be able to use their balcony, the roof of their house or a plot of land in the city, to be self-sufficient in basic goods (tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.). In addition to Patras, corresponding informational meetings will be held in Aigios and in areas of Corinthia.

“People’s interest in everything that is already happening or is planned to happen in the next period in our country is great. And this, precisely, gives us the strength to continue the effort to inform and raise awareness of more and more Achaean citizens. These issues concern democracy and our patriotic duty” commented Sp. Tsironis.

The scientific-informative event on the theme: “Citizen’s file the new identities” organized by Niki in Patras, will take place at the “Astir” hotel and will start at 19:00. At 17:00 the opening of the party’s offices will be preceded, in the presence, as we mentioned above, of Dimitris Natsios, but also of the parliamentary representative of Niki and MP for Larissa Giorgos Roundas. Natsios, Rountas and Tsironis will make presentations at the event that will follow.

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