Gaza: New bombing ahead of ‘four-hour pauses’

Gaza: New bombing ahead of ‘four-hour pauses’
Gaza: New bombing ahead of ‘four-hour pauses’

Bombardment continued in Gaza Strip for another night, with Israel persisting in its draconian operation, which has caused more than 10,000 deaths in the region. This, in anticipation of four-hour breaks of hostilities, which were announced yesterday.

Gaza officials said Israel fired airstrikes against or near at least three hospitals today, Friday (10/11), further jeopardizing a health system that is already unable to cope with the thousands of cases that are pouring in.

“The Israeli occupation launched simultaneous raids on several hospitals in the last few hours,” said the spokesperson of the Gaza Ministry of Health. Ashraf Al Kindraon Al Jazeera TV.

Kindra said Israel targeted the courtyard of Al Shifa, the largest hospital in Gaza City, and there were victims, but did not elaborate. Israel stated that Hamas has hidden command centers and tunnels under Al Seefa, claims the organization denies.

THE Israel’s military did not comment immediately the statement of Kintra.

Hospitals are struggling to cope as medical supplies, clean water and fuel to power generators have run out. 18 of Gaza’s 35 hospitals and another 40 health centers have been shut down, either due to shelling damage or fuel shortages.

Israel’s nightly shelling of Gaza | EPA/MOHAMMED SABER/APE-BE

The “four hour breaks”

These, against the background of the agreement for 4-hour cessation of hostilities, in order that the world may escape hostilities.

The spokesman for the White House National Security Council John Kirby stated that the pauses arose after discussions between US and Israeli officials in recent days, including discussions held by the US president Joe Biden with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Kirby said the pauses they will enable the world not to be on the path of evil and distribute humanitarian aid and may be used as a way to free hostages.

Kirby also said that a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas militants is not on the table because it would help the organization and “legitimize what they did on October 7, and we’re just not going to support that at this time.”

Netanyahu: We do not want “occupation of Gaza”

At the same time, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahuin an interview with Fox News, stated that he has no intention of either “governing”, or “occupying”, or imposing a new “occupation” on the Gaza Strip, while assuring that his country’s army is progressing “extremely well” in the war against Hamas.

“I think the Israeli army is doing extremely well,” Mr. Netanyahu said, adding: “We are not seeking to rule in Gaza. We do not seek to impose possession, but to obtain, like us, a better future”.

He insisted, however, that it would take “reliable” force in the Palestinian enclave after the war with the Palestinian Islamist movement is over, to prevent dangers to his country, so that, as he put it, an attack like that of October 7 is not repeated.

Earlier this week, the Israeli prime minister’s statement that his country would assume “overall responsibility for security” in the Palestinian enclave “indefinitely” prompted a US backlash. His representative State Department stated that “we do not support the imposition of new possession» of Israel in the Gaza Strip.

According to the Israeli Prime Minister, Mr Palestinian enclave should be “demilitarized”, to “de-radicalize” and to “rebuilt».

American officials judge that it is the Palestinian Authority which should take over the governance of the Gaza Strip after the war.

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