Bloody date in Larissa for the eyes of a girl

Bloody date in Larissa for the eyes of a girl
Bloody date in Larissa for the eyes of a girl

The meeting of two 17-year-olds had a bloody end, a meeting which, according to the identical explanation given to the Prosecuting Authorities by the perpetrator and the victim, took place to give mutual explanations on the occasion of a confrontation between them, with a woman of the same age as the source of the dispute.

The two 17-year-olds, according to information from “E”, have clashed again, as one declared a “follower” on the girl’s social media, provoking the reaction of the other 17-year-old. So the day before yesterday, early in the evening, they allegedly met in the courtyard of the 4th Lyceum, in the center of Larissa, to “shake hands” and stop fighting, because one became a “follower” on the girl’s page, provoking her other’s reaction.

The two minors were, therefore, found yesterday evening in the yard of the Lyceum, but under circumstances that are being investigated by the Security Directorate, the perpetrator hit the victim “on the back”, injuring him in the area of ​​the upper part of the left rear thigh.

Causing him, in fact – according to the first medical assessments – a deep wound with a sharp object that has not yet been clarified if it was a knife or a screwdriver. The 17-year-old was taken to the on-call General Hospital of Larissa, where he was given first aid, with doctors using stitches to heal the wound on the back of the victim’s leg.

After reporting the case to the Hellas Police, police officers from the Larissa Security Sub-Directorate, yesterday afternoon, arrested the 17-year-old, who was taken to the Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of Larisa, where he was charged withgoria of attempted grievous bodily harm. Thus, he was referred to the Investigator, where he was given a deadline of today, in order to apologize and in the meantime remains a prisoner.

According to “E” information, the 17-year-old arrested denies the charge, saying that he was not the one who hit the 17-year-old, who was hit with the sharp object, while he had turned his back on the arrested, which is why it has not been clarified even with what sharp object he wounded him. Perpetrator and victim are identified only in the version that they agreed to meet, but to “give the hands” and how the confrontation between them should stop.

It is noted that in the context of the investigation of the case by EL.AS. a forensic examination was ordered. It is recalled that yesterday’s case is the third and most serious case of delinquent behavior by minors, recorded by the Prosecuting Authorities of Larissa in the last few days. Two minors were previously referred on charges of rape, as they forced a minor and weak to resist a sexual act, while two other minors, with the threat of a knife, attempted to rob their peer.

Source: Eleftheria newspaper (V. Kakaras)

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