“Institutional regret” for removing sections


The government proceeded to definitively abolish departments established by the “Gavroglou law” at the University of Ioannina as well, continuing to implement the policy of reducing the public educational space, in favor of the private one.

With their decision, the rector and the Board of Management of the University of Ioannina express their “institutional regret” for the decision, which, among other things, will not allow the operation of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Ioannina.

The department, however, operated administratively with a temporary assembly.

The rector and the council report that the ministry never informed, nor consulted.

The announcement is very careful, without particular spikes.

The board of administration, an institution which in practice abolished the self-government of the university and which the ND particularly insists on, states among other things that “its goal from the beginning is the well-planned and accordingly planned sustainable development of the University of Ioannina in all the cities of Epirus in which it is represented, setting as its goal the provision of such a level of education, which will attract a large number of the best students without discrimination” and that is why “the University of Ioannina plans its future strategically and calls on the state and the actors in a dialogue to strengthen its multi-level development as a strong regional university, constantly evolving, responding to the needs of society and the place, with any peculiarities of national interest”.

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