Farmers are worried about subsidies


A report was submitted by the Member of Parliament for Rodopi of PASOK-Movement for Change Ilhan Ahmet to the Minister of Rural Development & Food Lefteris Avgenakis regarding the request of the agricultural association of the Municipality of Komotini “Spartakos” regarding the request to exempt producers from the obligation of measures 5 and 6 of the rules of “eligibility” to receive subsidies.

The farmers-producers of the Rhodope Regional Unit, understanding the importance of measures 5 and 6 of the eligibility rules for receiving subsidies and in view of the difficult conditions that prevailed throughout the previous period in our region, do not request their universal abolition, but individually each producer with a responsible statement to the competent DAOK informing why he did not proceed with soil treatment until the allowed date (usually it will be the adverse climatic conditions) and why he wants to request an exemption from the measures.

Farmers put forward specific reasons
More specifically, with their related request which the deputy forwarded with his report, they cite two reasons in order for their above request to be accepted:

A) Specific plots of land that are “heavy” must be plowed in the winter because otherwise it is impossible to prepare a proper seed bed within a month in the spring.

B) This year in the Rhodope region, large populations of green and pink worms were observed. If the plots are not cultivated during the winter and remain as they are, they will not be able to fight the phenomenon, while the entomological attacks will multiply in the new season as well.

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