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We all remember Kate Middleton’s stunning appearance at the 2022 Earthshot Awards in Boston. Accompanying the originator of the awards prince william the princess of wales was dazzling and seductive in a green fitted dress.

kate middleton earthshot

This year there were no similar images, and Prince William’s awards were kept in the dark for one important reason: He didn’t have Kate with him. Although he made sure to have by his side the stars who gave the evening sparkle, such as the wonderful Cate Blanchett in her gold brocade suit, it was not enough.

prince william earthshot
prince william earthshot

King Charles and Camilla’s big day

On the same day, King Charles III delivered his first speech as monarch before members of the House of Lords in a grand ceremony where Camilla was seen accompanying him wearing Queen Elizabeth’s tiara.

king charles camilla

For the momentous occasion, Camilla wore the dress she wore to the coronation of King Charles and The Diamond Diadem, which dates back to 1820.

king charles camilla

This particular tiara was often worn by Queen Elizabeth.


This is (probably) the real reason they hid Kate Middleton

It has long been known that kate middleton would not accompany prince william to the award ceremony with the excuse that their son prince george is taking important exams at his school.

However, the truth is probably different. The reason Kate didn’t go to the Earthshot Awards was because it coincided with the opening of Parliament by King Charles who made his first royal appearance with Camilla since their coronation last May.

The palace chose to hide Kate Middleton as he knew that if he appeared he would monopolize all the press and nobody would bother about Charles and Camilla.

It’s known that Charles avoids appearing on the same days as Kate as she “steals” all the attention and the King goes unnoticed. Kate Middleton’s every look has proven to outshine every other member of the royal family, even King Charles and Queen Camilla themselves.

This was even done at the coronation of Charles, since the media and the public were more interested in the appearances of Kate and her children than in the king and queen themselves.

Kate Middleton

Whenever Kate Middleton appears on the same day as Charles and Camilla make a public appearance, she completely overshadows them and the next day’s headlines have Kate on the front page while the King is nowhere to be found.

Kate Middleton

Fearing that Charles would be overshadowed by his bride on such an important day, they chose to hide Kate Middleton, even if it meant that (almost) no one cared about William’s awards.

Kate Middleton

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