Argithea can become a model Mountain Green Area through large projects With Partnership of Groups

Argithea can become a model Mountain Green Area through large projects With Partnership of Groups
Argithea can become a model Mountain Green Area through large projects With Partnership of Groups

Argithea can become a model Mountain Green Area through large projects With Partnership of Groups

The next 5 years – 7 years – until 2030, is predicted as a critical period for the 20 mountain communities of Kallikrat Argithea – the heart of the historical single space of Agrafa -, its demographic survival and development, its sustainable digital social eco-development.

Today we have reached the point where only one single school is operating.
Children of our communities should not attend local schools, but commute daily to schools in neighboring municipalities.
On dirt roads, muddy roads with dangerous passability. In the year 2023!

• In the ELSTAT 2021 General Census – in the special way it was done – 3550 inhabitants were recorded.
Registered in the censuses: 7,300.
It only applies to the legal population on the basis of which the 4 parliamentary seats are defined.

^Voted in municipal election 8-15-23: 3010.
^In 2019 they had voted: about 3650.

@ The criterion of “permanent” resident is now, in the digital age of artificial intelligence, a completely anachronistic, useless, anchor.

Movement of people is now very easy and regular. Today, the citizen can live elsewhere, work elsewhere or travel for leisure.

Before 1990, it took more than 8 hours to go from Argitheatis to the city of Karditsa… now it takes 1.5 to 2 hours.
It took 6 hours for Vragianitis to go to Anthiro!!! Now only 45′.

@ But in order to retain people who will have the homeland as the center of their livelihood activities, the Iretoi must urgently formulate and discuss a visionary realistic innovative plan for the tomorrow and future of our homeland.

@ Argithea needs to break the road transport isolation, to overcome the natural barriers (mountain ranges) with large modern road projects.

It is not enough to constantly lower the bar, to be “happy” that the garbage is collected and the taps have drinking water, that the rural roads are cleaned…

•• Our belief is that only through PPP Projects – partnerships of municipality – public (state) and private groups – can hope be born, the mountainous Argithea of ​​372,000 acres and 3550 inhabitants, of over 5500 emigrants, can be reborn.

••• Urgent Timing Projects :

1. The Tympanou road tunnel – there is the study in the drawers of the district from 2004-2006.
2. The incomplete abandoned project of the Sykias dam (70% completed) must be completed, otherwise the landscape and the main road “Karditsa – Argithea – Arta” must be restored at public expense.
3. The interior lining and lighting of the 5 Sykia road tunnels have been pending since 1990. Very dangerous passability – the asphalt paving by 5 Adelfias should be expedited.
4. The protection shelter at M. Skala Anthirou: the study is ready … the inclusion in the EAP of Agrafon was signed …

5. Dangerous road section from Skales Triozolou to Korakou and Vrangiana – Argyri (barrels – parapets – markings).
Improvement of the Eastern and Western axis to Kali Komi – Greek.

6. Insufficient transportation service.

@ All of this only with the cooperation of the municipality through a new Board of Directors and Municipality. Beginning with ministries – regions and powerful groups active in our mountainous areas.
[ΤΕΡΝΑ – ΙΝΤΡΑΚΑΤ – ΔΕΗ ανανεώσιμες ΑΕ].

The competition is tough. The entire wounded Thessaly is asking for resources – projects.

^ These groups have legal and technical departments, which could undertake with mutual benefit the pre-work, the pre-integration of projects into large financial programs based on the constitutionally guaranteed Mountainity and the new pilot EAP Agrafon which needs to be enriched and has already started to be implemented in the ok and the auction of works that the world has been waiting for decades is coming…

^ Already the alpine ridge of the once inhospitable Tympanos has been transformed into a hub of sustainable energy, Site of innovative RES projects.
The same can be done in the Achelou Valley (new hydroelectric power plant in Kataphylli – Avlaki with a power of 83 mw). In Sykia Ms.

It is time to start an open dialogue – contacts and meetings through ‘Institutional Patriotic Committee’ with persons of general acceptance and prestige.

With transparency and persistence for a series of remunerative projects from the groups that will be done in phases and with clear target schedules!!!

• We will build the future… today…

•• With struggles – faith – smart policies!

Dimitris Papakostas 9-11-23
Aritetos TA 25 years – Legal

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