Brutality and cynicism are rewarded…

Brutality and cynicism are rewarded…
Brutality and cynicism are rewarded…

Let’s face it right up front. Yes, Adonis Georgiadis is right. The Greek people are not interested in Tempi. May “corrected” his original cynical statementfor reasons of obvious political expediency, but this statement describes a stark reality.

Yes, the Greek people are not interested in Tempi. If he was interested, no prime minister or party president would put the minister responsible for the tragedy on the ballot again.

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Yes, the Greek people don’t care. If he was interested, this minister would not dare to claim a parliamentary seat again. If the people were interested, the voters of Serres – if only out of shame – would not elect him as the first deputy.

So what are we talking about? Whether he meant it or missed it or was “misunderstood”, what Georgiadis said is true.

If it wasn’t true and if the people were interested, the person who uttered this phrase should already be at home. But how can he be, since the prime minister is flirting with him on Tik Tok and pretending he doesn’t understand how offensive what happened is?

And anyone who thinks that Georgiadis’s statement is an isolated event is far off. Georgiadis, together with Voridis and Pleuris, rule (and) in today’s otherwise “centrist” SW of Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Thanasis Pleuris he asked just yesterday for the Palestinian to go to the war zone who raised a flag of his country.

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Thank God. He could say to put him in some dungeon without food or water or even something worse, as he used to say about immigrants, when he belonged to PEOPLE of Karatzaferis.

The most “centrist” of the three is Makis Voridis he doesn’t say that anymore. He says it elegantly. Like that Tempi and the wiretapping were decided in the elections and the revelations about the persons being monitored are “gossip”.

Well yes. The old “trio” of LAOS, which has been setting the tone for years in Mitsotakis’ ND, is right in everything. The Greek people are not interested in them. Because, if he were interested, no prime minister would keep in his cabinet persons who provoke such cynicism.

But we live in such a cynical age that they are all rewarded. Their arrogance and cynicism are “qualities”.

According to a saying by Alice Roosevelt, daughter of US President T. Roosevelt, “their specialty is detached malice”…

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