COP brings Scandinavian air and investments in the future to Greece

COP brings Scandinavian air and investments in the future to Greece
COP brings Scandinavian air and investments in the future to Greece

As soon as possible he wants to do investments in offshore wind farms in Hellas the Danish one Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP), as mentioned by management people during the inauguration of the company’s offices in the country. “The call that the Greek government has addressed to foreign offshore wind companies is being implemented, since the investment interest is constantly increasing” said the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Alexandra Sdoukou who was present at the event.

Founded in 2015, COP is based in Copenhagen and operates worldwide. With a portfolio under development of more than 50 GW (of which a third concerns floating wind turbines) the company is one of the leaders in the market. COP is the exclusive offshore wind farm development partner of Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), which is the world’s largest asset manager investing in renewable energy and primarily wind.

CIP manages 11 funds and 12 offices around the world. To date, it has raised approximately €25 billion for investments in renewable energy projects and related infrastructure, from more than 150 international institutional investors. CIP cooperates with Mytileneos with the aim of developing state-of-the-art offshore wind farms. In fact together with Mytilineos they will carry out the necessary studies to identify the best development zones with the least possible impact.

Nikos Alagialoglou, Director of Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP) in Greece noted that the company developed partnerships and brought one of the company’s two hubs to Athens a year ago (the other is in Vietnam). “We aspire to see the first wind turbines installed in Greek waters in the coming years. We want to strengthen our presence in the country”, he commented. And he added that the installation of an offshore wind farm in Greece is a personal bet for him.

As stated by the Deputy Minister Mrs. Sdoukou, COP came to Greece to make investments and create a hub that will serve the company’s needs around the world. “As a government we have put offshore wind farms at the center of interest and we are in a position to know the country’s potential.” As announced, an article will be submitted to the Parliament which will provide that ADMIE will have to reserve 2 GW of electrical space for the connection of offshore wind farms with parts of the National Electricity Transmission System (ESMIE).

Finally, he noted that in an industry that is constantly developing, it is important to cooperate with international partners, so that international experience and technology can also come to Greece. This dynamic and international knowledge clicks with the potential of the country. Investments in offshore wind farms offer added value to the national economy and the Greek workforce, while at the same time enabling the country to become a regional energy hub, he concluded.

“We did a survey before we brought the offices here to Athens. We talked to people in the industry and saw that Greece has competitive advantages, said Thorbjørn Lund-Poulsen, Chief Financial Officer of COP. “Greece has invested in its workforce by providing it with a high level of education.” The people here as he said have knowledge and can take initiatives and responsibilities around the industry. “We also spoke with Deloitte (a company that provides financial, business consulting services) and they suggested the Greek market to bring our offices”, he emphasizes. Finally, he noted that the company has a large presence and activity all over the world and now Greece is at the center of their interest. With technology as their ally, they wish to develop offshore wind farms in the near future in the country.

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