Weather and war (!) “allies” of Andros!!!

Weather and war (!) “allies” of Andros!!!
Weather and war (!) “allies” of Andros!!!

We asked the owner of a well-known bar in Gavrio about how he sees the situation these days on the island. The question was based on the traffic that the island still has on weekends. He told us: “the weather helps. It is November 10 and the weather is still spring. This allows Greeks to come, but also foreigners. Mainly French. who have extended their holidays due to the weather. Consider that many shops have not yet closed” .

Something we confirmed with the testimony of the owner of the Archipelagos restaurant in Neiporio of Chora, who estimates that he will remain open until the end of the month. “There are still foreigners on the island,” he assures us. “It’s filming weather, then. And the fact that it hasn’t rained and fall and winter haven’t come helps extend the tourist season somehow. Especially on weekends.”

But the war in Gaza also helps the winter “colonization” of Andros by Israelis. There are now quite a few families from Israel who have also arrived in Andros. Many houses are rented for one or even three months. In Ydrousa there are now enough with families who, wanting to avoid the constant rocket attacks from Hamas or Hezbollah, found a way out a temporary settlement in friendly Greece. And now among them several Israelis who already have a relationship with Andros.

They come as families and rent houses. They prefer several of which have heating. They rent them from one to three months, anticipating that it will take a long time for the situation in the Middle East to calm down with the war that Hamas started with its massacres and Israel’s military response to them.


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