Patras Case: The trial for Malena and Iris begins today

Patras Case: The trial for Malena and Iris begins today
Patras Case: The trial for Malena and Iris begins today

At the Mixed Jury Court of Athens, the second trial of the 35-year-old mother from Patras accused of the murders of her two youngest children, Malena and Iris, has been set to begin today, Friday (10.11.2023), while at the same time in the next room, scheduled to continue the trial for the murder and attempted murder of her first-born daughter, Georgina.

For this second case file, which concerns the cases of Malena and Irida, the defendant was referred to a trial at the bench of the Mixed Jury Court at the behest of the Council of Misdemeanors of Athens for the charge of intentional homicide in a calm state of mind.

The judicial will adopted the proposal of the competent prosecutor who had recommended her referral to the bench judging that the defendant from Patras murdered by suffocation both the 3.5-year-old toddler and the only six-month-old infant in April 2019 and March of 2021 respectively.

It was preceded by the re-examination of the forensic files on the deaths of the two girls by the experienced medical examiners, Nikos Karakoukis and Nikos Kalogrea, who came to the conclusion that in both cases, the deaths of the two girls did not come from pathological causes. On the contrary, it came, according to the medical examiners, with the same mechanism and is due to a criminal act.

In the opinion of the two medical examiners, all the laboratory findings were evaluated, especially the histological ones. In the case of Malena, the pulmonary congestion and pulmonary edema that were identified while the photos of the girl before her death were also evaluated played a decisive role in their judgment.

Regarding the 6-month-old Irida, the findings on her face, the wound in her mouth and the fact that suffocating spots, pulmonary hemorrhage, pulmonary edema, pulmonary congestion and brain hypoxemia were identified.

In addition to the forensic opinion of Karakoukis – Kalogria, the fact that the death of the children is characterized in Malena’s case by a large number of treating doctors as unexpected and unexpected, played an important role in the referral to the bench of the accused by the judicial council, in and the case of Iris by examined medical examiners as an unspecified cause.

In addition, it also emerged from testimony that the accused was the person who last saw each child alive. Also, the fact that the accused took actions aimed at influencing the authorities’ investigations into the causes of Iris’s death was also assessed.

In particular, she asked the coroner, Angeliki Tsiola, over the phone to give her the cloth – persuasion, while at the time of Malena’s death, she delayed notifying the medical and nursing staff.

For her part, the defendant pleads not guilty to the charges she faces against Malena and Irida and disputes through her defense the correctness of the Karakoukis-Kalogria forensic report.

Representation through legal aid

However, the trial may not start as there will be a request from the girls’ father to appoint a new lawyer through legal aid.

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