Crime in Kypseli: The authorities will look for other victims of…

Crime in Kypseli: The authorities will look for other victims of…
Crime in Kypseli: The authorities will look for other victims of…

“Faye and Christina may not have been the landlady’s only victims”. This is the assessment of experienced EL.AS officers. who participated in the investigations for the investigation of the murder of the 23-year-old woman in Kypseli.

The past of the 56-year-old woman, which led to the death of two women within 5 months, is expected to be under the microscope of the authorities in the next period of time, as the police consider it almost impossible that the action of the housewife started “suddenly” in the last three years. In fact, as it was established during the investigation of the Department of Prosecution of Crimes Against Life, the 56-year-old woman had previously been of concern to the authorities, as she was involved in cases of theft and fraud. Police will also look for other victims of the landlady’s exploitation, to establish whether she systematically forced women into prostitution and begging.

The fake residence permits

“…according to reliable information, the defendant cooperated with third parties to issue false documents to foreigners (residence permits, etc.)”, he said, among other things, in the petition filed by the 23-year-old’s father, seeking answers about his daughter’s death . The specific investigations of the father and the detective seem to reveal the involvement of the 56-year-old housewife in different illegal activities. In fact, it is said that there are valid indications from the testimonies of persons, that the 56-year-old was not only forcing Faye into prostitution and begging. “Undress, baby, where did you hide the money? You went to Fokionos, you owe me money,” the 56-year-old yelled at the unfortunate Faye, according to her neighbors.

Testimonies… after death

“After 12 o’clock at night we heard shouting and commotion. They were beating her. We heard shouting”. “She was permanently beaten all over her body. On her face, on her hands, on her legs. The marks were obvious.” “Her mother beat her in front of me because she didn’t have money.” These are some of the dozens of testimonies that have come to light after the murder of Fai Bakoiorgou was solved.

Neighbors, friends and acquaintances of the 23-year-old, who knew the horror, remained for years, silent spectators in a daily torture, without ever trying to end it. A few days before the young woman was found dead, wrapped in a blanket, an Immediate Action patrol car and a fire engine, they were in the “hell” of Drosopoulou Street, when neighbors saw the young woman’s one child hanging from the balcony. And yet, even after her murder, Faye remained for a month unclaimed in the refrigerator of the “Elpis” hospital, while three preliminary investigations by different services of the Hellenic Police were needed, until the shocking case was solved.

The indictment

“The first image of Faye when they saw her was that of a brutally abused young woman and she was obviously a homicide victim,” the father said in another part of the statement, relaying what he was told by the man who found his daughter dead two years ago. years. The above testimonies, gathered from the father’s private investigations, were launched a few months after the investigation. “…the neighbors systematically heard from the light fixture of the apartment building cursing Fotini and beating her. To exert psychological violence against her, to beg daily and to be extradited to Pakistanis.

In fact, when Foteini became pregnant, the defendant used to kick her in the stomach to make her abort. Neighbors kept seeing Fotini with blackened eyes, a broken arm, scratches on her neck and covered in blood,” the father describes, referring to the horrific images of his daughter’s abuse.

What was the mother saying?

“My psychology is lost. There is no… I’m learning who or who did all this. And? They gave me back my child? It will certainly be a justification but for me it doesn’t change anything. In the dirt it will always be. At night I don’t sleep . I feel like I’ve been killed. Not once. Four times. Along with my Faye and her kids.” And yet these were the words of the 23-year-old’s mother, in a televised interview with Mega, a few months before her arrest. The woman who watched without reacting as her daughter slowly died, wanted to disorient the authorities and public opinion, presenting to the viewers a completely different reality.

Testimonies from Faye’s environment come to confirm, not only that she knew and covered up the horror, but also that she systematically abused her daughter, asking her for money.

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