Loss for Lesvos…Vassilianna Teloniati left

Loss for Lesvos…Vassilianna Teloniati left
Loss for Lesvos…Vassilianna Teloniati left

Which contestant announced her voluntary departure from “My Style Rocks” and which one was praised by the judges for her look.

It’s back with a new episode “My Style Rocks” on Thursday afternoon (09/11) at SKAIwhile once again we had contingencies.

Specifically, one of the contestants announced that she wishes to leave voluntarily from the fashion reality show.

The reason for her Vassilianna Teloniati from Lesvos, the player who entered “My Style Rocks” just last week.

Despite the fact that she was one of the “new” girls, she chose to leave the reality show, and announced it as soon as she did her catwalk.

Addressing Katerina Karavatou, before describing her concept, she said: “Before I go on, I would like to communicate that somewhere here this journey of “My Style Rocks” ends for me. Some personal reasons have arisen that I need to manage outside of the game and I will be stepping down.”

“It’s purely to do with my professional life and how I can combine that with the game. I should have my mind and my body over there” Basilianna explained.

The player broke down in tears and left in an emotional atmosphere, without participating in the competitive part.

Teaches the rules of “quiet luxury”

We remind you that the 32-year-old player originally from Mytilini lives in Athens and for the last few years, as she said in the intro video that accompanied her entry, she has been making her dream come true, which is to create a brand that will inspire women to they choose ‘sustainable’ swimwear for the summer, since they are made of fishing nets and carpets.

As for how she would describe her style, Vasilianna stated that she follows her trend of “quiet luxury”, choosing minimal outfits that make her look sexy, successful, ambitious and comfortable.

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