The lawyers of Tripoli abstain because of the tax bill

The lawyers of Tripoli abstain because of the tax bill
The lawyers of Tripoli abstain because of the tax bill

The General Assembly of the members of the Tripoli Bar Association, which was convened as an emergency, on November 8, 2023, following a dialogic discussion on the new tax bill, unanimously decided:

The abstention of the members of the Tripoli Bar Association from presentations in ALL civil, administrative and criminal court hearings, from today, Thursday 09/11/2023 until Monday 13/11/2023.*

In addition, it was decided to reconvene an extraordinary General Assembly on Monday, November 13, 2023 at 12:00 noon, in the Tripoli Criminal Court room, on the subject:

“Informing the members of the Tripoli Bar Association about the decisions of the 11/11/2023 meeting of the Plenary Session of the Presidents of the Bar Associations of Greece and redefining our position in view of the tax bill”.

In case of failure to reach a quorum, the G.S. will be repeated with the same subject on 16/11/2023 at 12:00 noon in the same room.


Permits will be granted for the following cases:

1.- Limitations – Deadlines.

2.-Criminal cases: In felonies, when there is a risk of limitation or when temporary detention has been imposed. For misdemeanors, when six (6) years have passed since the act was committed in the first degree and seven (7) years in the second degree.

3.- Spontaneous process.

No leave is required to file pleadings, Regular Procedure and Small Claims Procedure motions.

Adjournments: For everyone’s convenience during the period of abstinence, colleagues will be allowed to appear before the courts to request an adjournment, with the obligation – in the event of non-appearance of the opposing party, to proceed without delay and by any suitable means to inform the colleague representing the opposing party for the date of the new trial.

For the Board of Directors of the Tripoli Bar Association

The President, Dimitrios Kostogiannis

The General Secretary, Anastasios Psimarnis

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