Krontiras: “We are persistently looking for a solution for biological cleaning!”

Krontiras: “We are persistently looking for a solution for biological cleaning!”
Krontiras: “We are persistently looking for a solution for biological cleaning!”

The proper operation of the biological cleaning of Tinos is a priority for the new Municipal Authority and occupies the agenda of the new mayor, Panagiotis Krontiras, almost every day. In order to launch the immediate solution to the known problem that has arisen, Mr. Krontiras had a meeting with the mechanical engineer of the company KAFSIS Mon. Industrial & Energy SA.

The meeting with the responsible engineer

With persistence in searching for a solution, the newly elected mayor, with members of his municipal team, set up a meeting with the responsible engineer of the company KAFSIS, which has a contract with the Municipality of Tinos for the operation of the biological plant. Having already from the previous visit been informed about the operation of the facility, the discussion focused on how from now on the biological will be able to perform what it should and not to present the problems of odors but also additional issues that prevent the smooth operation of the biological. The engineer informed the new mayor of Tinos and the councilors about the damage that currently exists in the facilities and of course confirmed that the non-treatment of the sewage sludge creates huge problems and is the main cause of the strong odors. The sewage sludge from the first day of operation of the facility has never been processed and is estimated to reach 150 tons.

The solutions that Krontiras is looking for

Mr. Krontiras discussed all the possible solutions and asked the representative of the KAFSIS company to draw up offers for all the remaining stages required so that the biological plant can operate without problems. During the discussions, he also contacted the company that has installed the sewage sludge dewatering machine, where it has never worked, so that it could work with KAFSIS to solve any problems and put it into use. An important issue that arises is the disposal of treated sewage sludge for composting.

In search of a possible solution, Mr. Krontiras contacted the Agricultural Cooperative of Tinos, which has a composting unit, in order to examine whether it can accept it in its facilities. Otherwise, it will have to be transported outside the island of course in collaboration with a company that can perform this service. On the occasion of the specific meeting, the new mayor requested that the KAFSIS company examine the possibility of maintaining and monitoring the biological Panormos as well. After these two meetings, the new mayor of Tinos and all those present left with great optimism for the solution of the problems. “The intention of the new Municipal Authority is a given. It will do what is necessary to provide an immediate and definitive solution,” stressed Panagiotis Krontiras at the conclusion of the meeting.

Autopsy in the biological

As a continuation of his informative contacts, Panagiotis Krontiras visited, accompanied by members of his Municipal faction, the heads of the Technical Service and the Water Supply – Sewerage Service of the Municipality of Tinos, the facilities of the biological cleaning of Tinos. Mr. Krontiras was guided by the biological workers to all the areas and was fully informed about the way of operation and treatment of wastewater. During the visit, the responsible chemical engineer of the company, who is responsible for the operation of the biological plant, was asked about the big problem of the strong odors that have been emanating into the air of the city for quite some time now and causing problems for the residents and visitors of the island.

What was found is that the sewage sludge is not being processed because three of the four pumps that transport said sludge are not working due to damage and the dewatering machine has not been put into operation either. As a result, the sewage sludge remains at the bottom of the biological treatment tanks. Mr. Krontiras asked the Head of the Technical Service to take all the necessary actions in order to repair the pumps as quickly as possible, to start the operation of the sewage sludge dewatering machine and also to repair the chlorine filling machine, which also does not work, in the produced water from the treatment.

Krontiras: “The situation is unbearable”

Speaking to “Koini Gnomi”, a few days earlier, Panagiotis Krontiras, had emphasized the importance of the specific problem that has arisen on the island. In particular, he had mentioned that, “there is a very serious issue in Tinos at the moment and that is the odors that exist from organic food. The situation is unbearable as the whole city of Tinos smells, as the biological cleaning is located on the outskirts of the city. This has caused stench and fumes. This is one of the issues we raised in the first meeting I called with the mayor, Yiannis Siotos, and his answer was that the responsible employee is missing and he cannot inform me about it.”

“This situation cannot continue”

At the same time, Mr. Krontiras had pointed out that this particular issue is his priority, stressing that, “in essence, all this means that a solution must be found immediately and the biological system should function properly. We had to intervene because the situation is unbearable throughout the island as they have left the project, which as you can understand creates a problem in the society and is a bit dangerous. The next move from our side is that we have requested a visit to the biological with the services to inform us about it, but the answer we have received for now is that if the employee doesn’t come back it can’t be done. That was the answer from the responsible deputy mayor. Apparently there are no right chemicals to make the biological work properly, as before the same biological was working normally and there was no issue. From poor maintenance and from poor operation we have come to the point where this issue has arisen. If it is not resolved by the time we take over it will be one of the first things we will resolve as this situation cannot continue.”

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