Beleri trial: Audio document – The key witness was paid to testify falsely – Newsbomb – News

Beleri trial: Audio document – The key witness was paid to testify falsely – Newsbomb – News
Beleri trial: Audio document – The key witness was paid to testify falsely – Newsbomb – News

Freddy Beleris: The public light has seen an audio document of the main prosecution witness in the case in which he admits that he was paid for his “services”

Sensation has been caused by revelation in the trial of the elected mayor of Heimara for the main prosecution witness. As he revealed, he was financed by the police so that to offer his “services” and to bear false witness at the expense of both Beleris and his main partner, Pantelis Kokavesis.

The audio document absolutely testifies that the Beleris case is a purely “guided set-up political case”, as the pre-arrested mayor Heimarras had also characterized it.

THE key prosecution witness Arsen Ramawho testified in camera in court, essentially confirmed what the former President of the Republic and Prime Minister of Albania Sali Berisha recently supportedthat the state police used him to frame the charge of alleged vote-buying last May, on the eve of the Municipal Elections in Himarra.

A friend of Freddy Beleris spoke to Alpha where he revealed that the police director of the area was also bribed.

As specifically mentioned by Andreas Zotos: “And Beleris, the president, asked him (the police director) a big question and he said to him, have you bought any stock?” Why, in essence, their reward is always a nice plot of land, a tender plot of land and Mr. Beleris asks him and he says “As far as I know” he says. That is, it leaves suspicions.”

At another point, Mr. Zotos mentioned: “And the lawyer asks him a question and says to him, ‘Do you want to get a promotion?'” They gave him a reward. In other words, this police director left Heimarra and went to Avlona”

Watch the video from today’s Alpha newscast

The dialogues in the Beleris trial

Freddy Beleris for the first time in Tuesday’s trial had the right to address those who accused him of financing. So he asked the fisherman, who, as he says, was financed by the mayor:

Freddy Beleris: Who do I know better, you or your brother?

Fisherman: My brother

Freddy Beleris: How easy would it be for me to approach you or him?

Fisherman: Him

Lawyer Freddy Beleris: Did you receive payment from the police?

Fisherman: Yes, I received a reward for this work, but my reward was when this work was finished and after.

Lawyer Freddy Beleris: Who paid you?

Fisherman: The state police

Lawyer Freddy Beleris: How much was the compensation amount?

Fisherman: I do not remember

The prosecution witness was bribed while the police officer who took over the investigation and the case got ….a promotion.

Lawyer Freddy Beleris: How did you get in touch with the witness?

Police officer: He called me

Lawyer Freddy Beleris: Was it a personal benefit?

Police officer: No

Lawyer Freddy Beleris: Do you know it was paid?

Police officer: Yes I know it

Lawyer Freddy Beleris: When were you appointed to Himara?

Police officer: In January 2023

Lawyer Freddy Beleris: And now where are you serving?

Police officer: I am the director of Avlonas

The trial will continue on November 22 and it is the turn of the defense witnesses, 13 people, his associates Freddy Belleri.

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