Spira stole machines from areas of Western Attica and sold the parts


A criminal group whose members were stealing motorcycles and falsifying chassis and engine numbers was dismantled. The seat of the spiral was the area of ​​Agia Varvara.

The police of Agia Varvara Attica arrested 2 members of the ring that stole motorcycles from areas of Western Attica, while the case file that was formed includes 3 more.

Among other things, 3 motorcycles, 9 motorcycle engines, complete and disassembled, numerous engine and frame parts, 12 mobile phones, as well as handwritten notes were confiscated.

5 cases were identified.

The members of the gang falsified chassis and engine numbers of the stolen machines in an illegal repair shop in the Attica area and sold their parts whole or in parts – disassembled.

For the case, two members of the gang (a 38-year-old and a 49-year-old) were arrested on the morning of Tuesday, November 7, in areas of Attica. of a gang of persons organized to commit theft as a profession, forgery in the form of forgery after use and alteration of vehicle identification details as a follow-up, acceptance and disposal of proceeds of crime as well as theft by complicity.

As it emerged from the investigation, the defendants, at least since September 2023, united with each other and formed a criminal group – gang with the purpose of removing motorcycles, falsifying their frame and engine identification numbers and selling them for illegal financial gain.

To achieve their goal, they had distinct roles, namely the 44-year-old had the technical knowledge required to process the motorcycle identification numbers, the 38-year-old was active in removing the motorcycles while the co-accused acted as motorcycle mechanics on behalf of third parties people so that the group maintains a wide circle of contacts.

In terms of modus operandi, the gang members used a ground-floor space as a motorcycle workshop which was properly configured with logistical equipment, and there they hid the stolen motorcycles that the 38-year-old grabbed after “ordering” from interested buyers or motorcycles that came into his possession with damage.

Then, after carrying out a mechanical check on the motorcycles to assess their condition, they decided whether to sell them whole or in parts, sending the parts they disassembled to areas outside Attica, while the profit they made from the sales was shared by the 44-year-old and 38-year-old, while in those who mediated gave the amount due to them.

In particular, as regards the legitimate traffic of vehicles, they either proceeded with forgery in the form of falsifying the identification numbers that were imprinted on the metal surface of the engines, or mechanically interfered with the impression surface of the engine number by completely altering the identification number by scraping it off, falsifying the identity their.

Finally, they were constantly supplied with tools, in order to expand their clientele, while they also performed routine repairs on motorcycles in front of or inside the workshop.

In a search carried out at the workshop and at home, the following were found and confiscated:

-9- motorcycle engines, complete and disassembled, with the number thereof either visibly tampered with or scratched off,

large number of motorcycle engine and frame parts,

-2-corner wheels together with compatible discs,

floor sanding & cleaning wheel,

straight sander,

hydraulic press with the possibility of loading twelve -12- tons,

handwritten notes with names and phone numbers,

-10- mobile phones,

pair of motorcycle gloves,

-2-breaking tools and

-4-head single cylinder motorcycle engine.

So far, 5 cases of motorcycle thefts and falsification of engine identification numbers have been solved, while in checks carried out in various areas of Attica, 3 motorcycles that had been repaired by the gang members and had identification data of questionable authenticity were seized.

Those arrested were taken to the competent prosecuting authority.

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