They put gas in the house of Mathios and Vasiliki


Sasmos: The developments in the next episodes of the series will be shocking since they put gas in the house of Mathios and Vasiliki.

The instruments have started…

Andreas is sure that Mathios is behind the death of Lazarus. So he organizes the first but not the last blow against him. Everyone is on alert in order to prevent the fate.

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After the funeral of Lazarus, nothing is the same in Crete and especially in the family of the deceased, where they are preparing to respond. According to TV24, Andreas and Telemachus decide to work with Minas and Giannos, two Muntakis, to honor the blood of their close friend.

But the police are lurking. Antonis has ordered that there be patrol cars outside Mathios’ house as the opposite side believes that he is to blame for the death of Lazarus, but also outside the house of the Mountakis, the deceased’s family, while he has emphasized that there will be patrols throughout the village 24 hours a day.

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Despite this, the Vroulaki brothers and their friends find a way to organize themselves in order to cause harm to the Stamatakis. They put gas canisters in the back of Matthew and Vasiliki’s house and cause an explosion one night, at a time when the whole village is lost in its dark thoughts or others are getting ready for bed.

The noise will be deafening and all that will be heard after the lightning bang will be the scream of the Basilica. For the second time in a while, she feels like her world is falling apart, and she’s not wrong. Mathios, with terror in his eyes, will do everything to protect the only person he has left.

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The only ones who will look at each other with satisfaction will be Andreas and Telemachus. As we will see in the next episodes of the series, Myros, George and Antonis arrive at the Stamatakis’ house to see what has happened.

Dina who was there will inform them about the hit and the first thing the police commander and his team will find out is that Calliope’s family is in good health.

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Manolis on the side of the Stamatakis

Everyone will be shocked after the explosion in Ano Poria. But the one who will worry and run to the house of Mathios and Vasiliki will be Manolis.

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According to TV24, the young boy when he is at their house will tell them “let me help you in any way you can think of. I want to do what Nikephoros would do if he were here.

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Nikiforos was not just a friend and you know that, he was my brother. The Vroulakides were! Why doesn’t Antonis catch them?Vasiliki and Mathios will be moved by Manolis’ intentions and Mathios will respond. “We don’t need things my boy but it’s enough that you feel it. Your friend up there will be very proud of you.“.

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