After the gasses attack, Andreas shoots Mathios


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Sasmos: The developments in the next episodes of the series will be revealing as we will see how, after the attack with the gas canisters, Andreas shoots Mathios.


But as the pregnant Vasiliki looks troubled she goes to the hospital to make sure that both she and the baby are not in any danger.

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“Thank God you are well. It could have done a lot of damage, it was a very loud explosion. But who expected them to strike so quickly? A few hours after the funeral of Lazarus… This thing has never happened before” observes Fragiadakis and Kalliopi answers him.

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“After the funeral processions, they told him to say goodbye with a funeral at the house of the one they accuse of murdering.”

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A broken wall, several broken windows and glasses, will be the account of the disasters that Diakomanolis will undertake to fix. However, everyone is sure of one thing. That this blow was just a warning and that in the next one we will mourn victims.

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And they are not wrong as Andreas conspires with Minas, some time later after Lazarus’ nine days, to shoot Mathios with a rifle from a distance. Will Andreas succeed or will Mathios make an unexpected checkmate move?

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