An Albanian couple set fire to Pelion – The arsonists have been identified


After a relevant investigation and utilization of data by the Investigative Department of the Fire Department of Volos, a couple of Albanian nationality, 39 and 37 years old, was identified as the culprit of the fire which was caused on November 6, 2023 at 13:40 in the “Vromoneri” area of ​​Promyrio in Pelion, when during the burning of crop residues he did not take the required measures as he should, resulting in a fire in an adjacent forest area.

An administrative fine was imposed on those responsible for the fire in accordance with the existing legislation, while the culprits, after a case file for negligent arson was filed, will be referred to a regular trial. It is clarified that the Fire Ordinance 9/2021 is also valid outside the fire protection season (01/11- 30/4 of the following year) and those who carry out outdoor agricultural work with the use of fire, should follow the required conditions.

Otherwise, administrative fines will be imposed, while in the event of a fire, there will be the corresponding criminal penalties. Finally, we point out that those engaged in agricultural work should be particularly careful to avoid causing fires this coming weekend (11-12/11/2023), as it is expected that in our area we will have winds from southerly directions, which will exceed 5 Beaufort in places.

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