How the police found the 12-year-old student

How the police found the 12-year-old student
How the police found the 12-year-old student

An end to the agony for the 12-year-old primary school student in Patras who disappeared on Thursday as she was found late in the afternoon.

Patras: Happy ending to the search for the 12-year-old schoolgirl

The police “swept” the center in Patras on foot as well as in vehicles, using information that it started in the wider area of ​​St. Georgiou.

The little girl was found shortly after 7:30 in the afternoon by police men, at the intersection of Patreos and Ypsilantou, near the Archaeological Service. There had been a collaboration between EL.AS and a mobile phone company and the route of the minor was traced by the imprint of her mobile phone.

“It’s one of those moments when I really feel proud to represent such police officers as well as the work we do! Utilizing technology and after a huge mobilization, the agony for parents has come to an end. We all understand what they went through all day. Many congratulations to the Security of Patras and especially to the juvenile office, to Immediate Action/Dias and to the colleagues of the departments who managed to locate the girl who was searched for by her relatives for several hours! Finally, all is well,” said the president of the Union of Police Officers of Achaia, Haris Tsitsikas.

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