Italy – Greece 76-67: Defeat despite Spanou’s double – double

Italy – Greece 76-67: Defeat despite Spanou’s double – double
Italy – Greece 76-67: Defeat despite Spanou’s double – double

The Women’s National Team did not make it in Italy and lost 76-67, in the 2025 EuroBasket qualifiers.

THE Women’s National Team defeated by Italy away from home with the final 76-67 in her first match qualifying phase of EuroBasket 2025. She left at the beginning of the match due to discomfort Elena Tsineke while the next match is scheduled for Sunday (12/11), again outside Greece, this time in the Czech Republic.

We remind you that Hellas it already has a place in the final phase as it will be one of the host countries.

The Greek team found itself behind in the score with a double-digit difference early in the game (11-1, 3′), after being misguided and at the same time losing the rebound battles. The first accurate shot inside the field came for Greece from Penelope Pavlopoulou (13-3, 4”) with the difference reaching +16 from Kis (21-5, 7’10”). The difference was momentarily reduced (21-10, 8’40”) with the first quarter ending 24-10.

Pavlopoulou’s “four point” helped 26-11 (11’25”) become 29-20 (13’30”) with the difference reaching single digits for the first time after the first minutes of the match against Spanou continues with five consecutive points for 29-25 (14’30”).

The captain of the National Team hit once more to make it 31-27 (16’15”). Christinaki took the baton with four consecutive points to reduce the difference to two points (33-31, 18′). However, the second period ended with a short run by the Italian women and the score reached 39-31.

The hosts escaped at the start of the second half (44-31, 21′), but Greece came close again with Christinaki and Stamati leading to 49-43 (27’50”) and Spanou counting 4/6 three pointers for 49-46 (28’30”). Once again, however, Italy had the answers (64-51, 32′), to reach the final victory with 76-67.

Referees: Yalman (Turkey), Koanis (France), Zupancic (Slovenia)

Ten minutes: 24-10, 39-31, 53-48, 76-67

Greece (Prekas): Christinaki 13, Louka 10, Pavlopoulou 7 (2tr., 10 a.), Spanou 21 (4tr. 10r.), Stamati 9 (3), Hairistanidou 2, Karlafti, Stamolambrou 5, Tsineke

In the other group match: Czech Republic-Germany 41-85

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