We can officially forget about 15th place

We can officially forget about 15th place
We can officially forget about 15th place

UEFA Ranking Greece: It was a dream and it is gone. AEK, PAOK, Olympic and Panathinaikos didn’t do well and as a country we stayed at… ace!

Olympiacos suffered a crushing defeat in London.

Panathinaikos committed competitive suicide in Rennes.

AEK had problems in attack-defense and essentially flirts with exclusion in the Europa League.

PAOK missed a golden opportunity to take the lead in the group, but at least it brought a point.

In general, after the three very good harvests in the respective competitions, the 4th came to shatter our dreams.

Now, not 15th place, but there is a risk of staying with the appetite and passing only Israel.

That is, from the 19th to the 18th. Now, we need a lot of points in the 5th and 6th matches to rematch.

We didn’t get past Israel either, as Maccabi Tel Aviv defeated Zoria and took valuable points to escape yet again.

Ugly development with the victories of the Czech teams, but also the victory of the Norwegian Molde.

UEFA Ranking Greece: The Ranking after the 4 group matches and this year’s qualifiers

12 SWITZERLAND 30,775 (3/5)

13 CZECH REPUBLIC 29,300 (3/4)

14 DENMARK 28,700 (2/4)

15 NORWAY 28,375 (2/4)
16 SERBIA 27,775 (3/5)
17 UKRAINE 27,000 (2/5)
18 ISRAEL 26,875 (2/4)
19 GREECE 26,325 (4/5)

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