He put 5,000 euros and valuables in a trash can

He put 5,000 euros and valuables in a trash can
He put 5,000 euros and valuables in a trash can

89-year-old victim of traffic fraud in Lamia…

A few hours after the article was published on LamiaReport: “Beware: Fraudsters are calling about your relative’s accident”unfortunately the fraudsters found an elderly woman who had not been informed and managed to extort money and valuables from her!

LamiaReport had received phone calls from readers about an attempt to deceive them by clever people who pretend to be doctors or police and claim that your relative has been the victim of a traffic accident, or has caused a fatal traffic accident, and that is why we have brought to your attention that The “collector” of the crime group is in the area and they won’t stop until they cheat someone or get arrested by the police!

However, they managed to deceive on Wednesday afternoon (8/11). 89 years old who was persuaded to put €5,000, a gold chain, a pair of gold earrings and a pair of gold cufflinks in a bag and leave them beside in a waste bin in a street near the center of Lamia.

In the preceding phone call, an unknown perpetrator, pretending to be a doctor, told her that her child was in the hospital and needed an operation. In fact, another perpetrator pretended to be her son and crying, he was asking for help from his “mother”.

In her panic and anxiety, the woman followed the scammers’ instructions and the bag of money and valuables flew away.

When the elderly woman managed to contact her family, she realized that she was a victim of fraud and reported the incident to Lamia Security, a service that undertook the investigation to identify and arrest the perpetrators.

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