“All of Fthiotida is a Family!”


The Most Reverend Metropolitan Fthiotidos Mr. Symeon, in order to strengthen the diverse work of our Metropolis in the region of Talanti and Lokris, invites you and awaits you on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, at 19:00 pm, at the “Akroama” center, in Malesina Fthiotidos, on the last day before Christmas Lent begins, in a festive evening with food, live music, singing, dancing, many gifts and a special program for small children with many surprises!

Admission for children under 18 is FREE.

For any information as well as to procure invitations, you can contact the Special Office of our Venerable Metropolitan (2231050551, -2, -3), Protopr. P. Dimitrios Karteris (6982409697) and Ms. Sofia Litsa (6977385025) as well as to e-mail: [email protected] .

“We are celebrating Christmas Halloween in Lokris!!!

In Malesina!!!”

“All of Fthiotida is a Family!”

From the Holy Metropolis.

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