Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary “Paradyne Affair” is brought to the theater for the first time

Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary “Paradyne Affair” is brought to the theater for the first time
Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary “Paradyne Affair” is brought to the theater for the first time

THE Margarita Dalamaga-Kalogirou arranges her “Paradyne Affair”, his legendary motion picture Alfred Hitchcock and Alexios Kotsoris directs her to Angelon Vima.

THE “Paradyne Affair”, the legendary film by Alfred Hitchcock in 1947 is transferred for the first time to the stage of Angelon Vima by Margarita Dalamaga-Kalogirou directed by Alexiou Kotsoris.
The play is a social and psychological court drama based on the 1933 novel of the same name by the British author Robert Hitchens and weaves a complex narrative of love, obsession and legal intrigue.
Hichens drew inspiration for the plot from the court cases of the murders of two high-ranking and wealthy men by their much younger wives, in 1889 by arsenic and in 1922 by shooting inside the Savoy Hotel. Both cases had thoroughly shocked British society.
THE “Paradyne Affair” it is essentially a sketch of the power of female influence, but also a commentary on the power of the dark space of the unconscious.

The case

A charming woman, Mrs Paradine, is accused of poisoning her elderly and blind husband. He hires a lawyer to undertake her defense, who, although married to a charming wife, is charmed by the beauty of the accused. She will try to frame Paradyne’s knight and lover, but all will end in failure when her true guilt is proven and she will be convicted and he will be socially exposed.

Nicholas Papoutsakis

How will the pieces come back together to form the new, albeit wounded, self?

Director Alexios Kotsoris says about the show: “The woman in the show “Paradyne Case”, driven by love, chooses, at the last moment, truth and justice and manages to pass into the light of her so short life.
Conscience can make us cowards, according to William Shakespeare, but it can also ensure that we never forget that we are not the only living being in this world.

And the Man with the desire on alert – the Masculine with the need to claim – stumbles into the fallout, how does he go on? how does it cure madness? the one-sided need? the unfulfilled? How will the pieces come back together to form the new, albeit wounded, self? Wisdom is necessary, to be able to see the other side of the archetype and to help yourself continue walking on the path you have chosen.
The show “Paradyne Case” talks about the decisions we make that affect our lives, but also the lives of others. It talks about the consequences of our choices, about the price we have to pay and what we have to accept, to be able to continue consciously”.

A story of passion and passion…

“THE Paradyne case it is a story of intersecting and clashing souls. A story of passion and passion. A story about people who, at some point, find themselves all together, unprepared, in the same vortex of these passions” notes Margarita Dalamaga-Kalogirou about the performance.
And it continues: “A career soldier, a war hero, blinded by a battle wound that we never see, ends his life one night, isolated, with a glass of red Burgundy wine containing poison.
Beside him, always faithful, loving him unconditionally and devoted to him since the years of the barracks and battles, his “ordinance”. A man young and fiery. Who – at some point – succumbs and betrays him. A much younger woman, his wife Mrs Parradine, who married him with a troubled and controversial past and lives a secluded life with him, is now accused of murdering him.
An up-and-coming lawyer, scion of a historic legal family, always protected and tamped down to a safe and privileged life, with a husband who suits and adores him, takes up her defense. And, for the first time in his life, he dives into the vortex of an uncontrollable love passion for his client.
A career judge, an aristocrat of the highest social standing who takes sick pleasure in sentencing to death by gallows.
A painter of international fame, wounded by the same image that has haunted him since his twenties, obsessively paints the same subject: the snow that wraps, that covers, that surrounds the woman of his secret dreams: Mrs. Paradine.
And a pair of loyal friends who love, sympathize and help, but cannot prevent the inevitable.
This is the canvas on which the “Paradain case” is embroidered, which the spectators will be invited to decipher, each in their own way, in Angelos Vima’s performance.

Author: Robert Hitchens
Choice of Playwriting – Theatrical adaptation of a novel: Margarita Dalamaga-Kalogirou
Directed by: Alexios Kotsoris
Stages: Alkot
Costumes: Nora Ponti
Original music: Fanis Kakosios
Motion editor: Christos Nikolaou
Lighting Design: Alexandros Politakis
Assistant director: Aristides Vevis
Photos: Nikolas Papoutsakis

Starring (in order of appearance): Marina Pantelaki, Fotini Tendolouri, Electra Maggina, Vangelis Mageiros, Giorgos Lourakis, Stefanos Kakavoulis, Apostolos Malebitzis, Thanos Krommidas


From November 11 at Angelon Vima every Saturday at 9 pm and every Sunday at 6 pm.

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