Scandal in the National Library – Books are given away to third parties


Problems with the smell of scandal in the operation of the National Library, where the action of its senior management has caused a Sworn Administrative Examination.

The case concerns the free distribution of books by the Library to the members of its Employees’ Association, and this in violation of the law that governs it.

According to our information, this action took place last Easter, on the occasion of the holidays, when more than 60 books were donated (albums and other luxury publications), from the copies of Greek publications that are deposited with the EBE by the publishers, as required by the law for “filing according to law”.

The unprecedented event was kept a secret even within the walls of the Library, however an EDE was ordered, which has not yet been completed (The delay of EDEs is known to the public, after all). It is unknown in the meantime if the books were reacquired in order to return to their place. Moreover, our sources, who know the matter well, stand neither on the number nor on the quality of these documents – as they are generally called, the works of science and culture deposited in the National Library – but on the essence of the matter:

In other words, the obligation of the National Library to collect, preserve and preserve in perpetuity these documents, which are a product of Greek creation. And not to dispose of them at will to clubs, individuals or other recipients…

The National Library at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center
The National Library at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

The question marks

Specifically and in accordance with the “legal deposit” (4452/2017) it is the obligation of every Greek publisher or author (if there is no publisher) to deposit four copies of the publication – as well as other types of documents, such as electronic or audiovisual media) to the National Library , one of which is delivered to the Library of the Hellenic Parliament.

In any case, that is, the National Library is the custodian and administrator of the Greek intellectual heritage, as noted in its purposes, while everything deposited in it is its property and by extension the property of the Greek state.

Therefore, there is no possibility in any way to remove and make available to third parties – even employees of EBE – the documents that have been deposited with it. It is therefore questionable how the specific executive allowed this action, even though he should have known that it was against the law.

Moreover, questions are also raised regarding the possibility of a “repetition” of a similar action in an earlier time as a type of “customary” act, which is unknown, how it can be “established” but also how it was justified… Whereas, if this has indeed happened, the question extends to the number and type of books (or others) that may have been given away, thus gone from the EBE…

Position announcement

In communication anyway, of mononews with the president of the Ephorate Council, philologist and educator Mr. Stavros Zoumboulakis, no answers were given, as he refused any comment on the matter.

It is recalled that the National Library of Greece is a Public Law Legal Entity supervised by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and managed by a seven-member Ephorate Council and a General Director. This position was held until last February by Philippos Tsiboglou, after whose untimely death Mrs. Irini Pavlakou was appointed deputy director.

However, a positive development is the announcement by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs to fill the position, from November 2nd, with the deadline for submitting nominations ending on the 24th of the month.

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