If you can’t go to Meet Market, its new e-shop is coming to you

If you can’t go to Meet Market, its new e-shop is coming to you
If you can’t go to Meet Market, its new e-shop is coming to you

With this move, Meet Market defines its mission, which is none other than highlighting the talent of our local entrepreneurs and spreading the reputation of Greek creativity and innovation everywhere. The goal is that the “Makers”, i.e. the Creators as they are called in the language of the Meet Market, but also the “Shoppers”, i.e. the Buyers, not only from all over Greece but from all over the world, have the opportunity to interact with each other through a user friendly online shopping platform.

The Meet Market team thought and pondered how such an idea should be executed. How could they transfer the feel of the physical Meet Market to the now digital world? He concluded that the best route would be to let each Maker shine in their own unique way, just like at a Meet Market event. Thus, the platform www.themeetmarket.gr was born, which creators can use and adapt according to their needs and aesthetics, in the same way they would set up their pop up shop at the Meet Market event.

If you are a Maker, you can set up your own online store within the Meet Market platform. You can upload and sell your products, in a vibrant online community, in the company of other designers, artisans, producers, collectors and creators from many different industries, thus opening a new window of communication through the digital universe of Meet Market.

Join this community today, completely free, and reach an audience looking for unique products like yours.

If you are a Shopper who loves to buy unique, handmade items made with love, then you are just a click away. The Meet Market e-shop operates 24/7 and is a curated collection of some of the best products currently on sale in Greece. Inside this e-shop you will find all those who make the culture of the market authentic and special and with your support they will continue not just to survive but to thrive.

In a digital world full of countless options, finding a unique handmade item can often be a challenge.

The Meet Market e-shop creates curated lists according to the season, product categories, offers, colors, gifts for loved ones… and much more. Their goal is for you to discover something truly special. Whether you’re looking for a stunning piece of jewelry, a handcrafted home decor item, or a unique gift, the listings have something for every occasion and something for everyone.

The Meet Market E-Shop

An online marketplace for innovation and creativity.

Clothing, jewelry, accessories, care & wellness, art & decor, baby items, delicious treats, vintage collectibles & colorful vibes in a digital celebration of local entrepreneurial spirit.

Facebook: The Meet Market

Instagram: @themeetmarket.gr

YouTube: The Meet Market


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