Milky Way: Full of passion the first love scene between men


The 2nd episode of the Milky Way “broke” social media!

For the second time on our small screen came the new series of MEGA, Milky Way on Thursday night. In fact, among many other tasteful scenes, in this second episode we also watched a love scene between two men.

In particular, the main character of the new series of the Great Channel, Joe wanted to escape from another difficult day in the place where he lives and receives bowling, as we saw in the premiere, by groups of his peers. That’s why he joined a dating app, sent an unknown profile a very bold picture of himself, and a few hours later he replied.

In one of the show’s most intense moments so far, Joe, played by Konstantinos Georgopoulos, made out with delivery boy Basil in the back of a supermarket. A scene where the passion of the moment between the two men and the lack of any conversation between them was the first word.

A conversation that followed, however, when Joe also showed an interest in getting to know Basil a little better outside the supermarket, and the narcotics he deals in.

It is worth noting, however, that both this scene and more broadly the second episode of the Milky Way throughout the duration of the screening was in the first place of Trends on Twitter with users writing laudatory comments about it just like in the premiere of.

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