Bad weather – Arnautoglou: Storms in Attica as well – Which areas will “hit”

Bad weather – Arnautoglou: Storms in Attica as well – Which areas will “hit”
Bad weather – Arnautoglou: Storms in Attica as well – Which areas will “hit”

rains, storms and strong winds are expected from tomorrow Friday (10/11), in some areas of the country and Attica, according to the forecast of meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglou.

According to ERT3 meteorologist Mr. Arnautoglouthe bad weather will manifest itself from dawn Friday with rains in the west and clouds in the central and southwestern parts of the country until noon.

Rains and storms we will have in the Ionian Islands, Western Peloponnese and from noon onwards the bulk of the phenomena will affect the Peloponnese, the Solid, the AtticaEvia up to the Sporades.

In the evening the storms will “break” in two with the phenomena located at west of the country, in the Aegean and the eastern islands.

THE temperature at noon it is expected at 21 degrees in the central areas, from 14 to 18 degrees in the north and 25 degrees in the south. In the west the mercury will reach 19 degrees and in the eastern islands 19 to 22.

In Attica we will have cloudy skies in the morning and rain and storms in the afternoon. In some places the phenomena will have an intense character. The temperature from 14 to 21 degrees.

At Thessaloniki less cloud in the morning, but will thicken towards midday. Local showers in the afternoon and cloudy in the evening. The temperature from 10 to 18 degrees.

The Saturday 11/11 the weather will also be unstable with rain in the west, in the north, and also in the eastern islands.

Her Sunday 12/11, we will have a new passage with clouds with rain in the SE of the country. From noon onwards we will have some phenomena in the West and in the evening a new deterioration with rains in northern Greece and the West.

Her Monday 11/13, the weather is also expected to be unstable with rain in Crete.

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