“The collapse has no end…” comments the Energy Branch Association

“The collapse has no end…” comments the Energy Branch Association
“The collapse has no end…” comments the Energy Branch Association

“At a time when the massacre in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli army continues, with heavy responsibilities of NATO, the US and the Greek government, an echelon of NATO and the Ministry of National Defense was given a tour of the ADMIE facilities at the Digital Energy Control Center in Kryoneri. The slide has no end…”, he emphasizes Branch Association of Energy of Attica – Boeotia – Evia – Corinthiain his comment, about the delegation’s visit to ADMIE.

As the union states, “we have also referred in our previous announcement to the business plans that the Greek bourgeoisie has entered into with the Israeli one and which serve the profitability of the energy groups, among which ADMIE is included. These also explain the unacceptable attitude of the Greek government, which did not vote in favor of the UN General Assembly resolution for a “ceasefire” in Gaza, thus supporting the murderous occupying state.

To those who came to inspect the ADMIE facilities, we address the following excerpt from B. Brecht’s “German War Manual” (“Poems of Swedborg”, 1939):

“General, your tank is a powerful machine

He harvests whole forests, and kills hundreds of men.

Except it has one flaw: It needs a driver.

General, your bomber is versatile.

He flies faster than the wind, and carries more weight than an elephant.

Except it has one flaw: It needs a pilot.

General, the man is very useful.

He knows how to fly, he knows how to kill.

Except he has one flaw: He knows how to think.

“The workers have taken a stand. We have demonstrated that you will not have us as accomplices in the murder. With massive rallies in solidarity with the Palestinian people across the country we have shouted: History has a right side – with Palestine to freedom!

We are fighting so that Greece is not a base of death for the peoples of the region. This year marks 50 years since the uprising of the Polytechnic University, the slogan “Out with the USA – Out with NATO” is relevant, the struggle for peace and friendship of the peoples continues against the involvement of our country in the US – NATO – EU war plans. We demand to stop any military participation – help of the Greek troops to the murderers”, concludes the Union.

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