Plane crash in Chania: “The passengers were found with their seat belts on”

Plane crash in Chania: “The passengers were found with their seat belts on”
Plane crash in Chania: “The passengers were found with their seat belts on”

His two occupants were recovered dead twin-engine aircraftwhich fell in the early afternoon in the sea area of ​​Maleme, at Chaniain close proximity to the coast.

The regret for the loss of the two occupants of the two engine aircraft that fell on Thursday (9/11) in the sea area of ​​Maleme, in Chania, said the mayor of Platanias, Yiannis Malandrakis.

The mayor of Platanias, Yiannis Malandrakis, in his statements to, said that the two passengers were found dead, while the two-seater aircraft was found at a depth of almost 3 meters and only 400 meters from the coast.

The two men are of Greek origin and were found tied up with their belts on their seats.

According to Mr. Malandrakis, pedestrians were the first to see the aircraft losing altitude and falling into the sea and notified the port authorities. It should be noted that the airport in Maleme has no lighting.

The two men aboard the small aircraft were freed by divers who rushed to the scene, picked up by a Coast Guard vessel and brought ashore to be processed by ambulance at the hospital in Chania.

According to information from the local site NeaKriti, earlier the rescuers managed to free one of the two passengers without being conscious, while divers then recovered the second passenger of the aircraft.

The business liberation of the passengers was coordinated by the port authority while 1 Coast Guard boat, 1 Coast Guard vehicle, a Navy helicopter, 2 cruise ships and 2 fishing boats were involved in the area of ​​the West Beach of Maleme.

In the area, weak winds of only 2 Beaufort were blowing, which made the work of the authorities easier.

The glider, as it became known, had started from the area of ​​Kopaida with destination Chania according to air traffic.

But because of the darkness that fell, the pilot made a turn over Kolymbari with the intention of approaching the runway from the sea side, but suddenly his signal was lost.

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