Yannis Economou: There are far more cars in Athens than the roads can handle

Yannis Economou: There are far more cars in Athens than the roads can handle
Yannis Economou: There are far more cars in Athens than the roads can handle

The Minister of Citizen Protection, Yiannis Oikonomou, spoke again about the repeated incidents of violence, but also about traffic.

It was mentioned about the traffic issue on the streets of Athens the Minister of Citizen Protection, Yiannis Oikonomou, speaking to the radio station REAL FM. As the minister actually pointed out, this is a very big problem of the daily life of the Athenians, to deal with which measures have already been taken which are bearing fruit: “We have done things in the last two months. Today, 100 traffic wardens are out on the streets every day, in the central streets of Athens, more than twice, more than twice as many as those who came out all the previous period. I think that every bona fide person who walks the streets of Athens, especially on peak days, sees this image, sees the great effort being made to improve the situation”, he pointed out.

Giving data on the performance of the Traffic Controls, Giannis Oikonomou stated that in just three days, from October 30 to November 4, more than 9,300 vehicles were checked for ring and more than 1,200 violations were confirmed. At the same time, targeted controls for other violations, such as double parking, etc., continue with undiminished intensity on all the streets of Athens.

“There is a gigantic, titanic effort, first of all nLet’s multiply the forces of the Traffic Police at points and at times – something that, as I told you for 15 days, has been developing – and from here on, obviously, to exhaust every possibility in becoming better in terms of both the presence and the treatment of violations”, emphasized the Minister of Protection of the Citizen.

He added that “the issue of traffic and movement is not only a matter of traffic policing. There is a reality that we have to accept. The cars that circulate on the streets of Athens, on Attiki road, on the National road, in Kifissos, proven, I am not saying this, people are saying what is their job, which is their science, ehit is far more than the roads can handle. The traffic police can neither build roads, nor widen roads, nor find imaginary roads to channel the traffic.

Yannis Oikonomou for violence and hooliganism

Then Yannis Oikonomou referred to the plan to deal with violence with a sports background noting: “Here and for a very long time, we have implemented a plan that has borne several fruits and in terms of preventing incidents with controls that we have done, with links we have ‘sealed’.”

Regarding njuvenile delinquency the minister stressed that this is a situation that is very difficult to manage, while he underlined that the relevant information that the Police has is worrying. “The Police is called upon to manage mainly suppression, less prevention. Prevention is a broader issue of society, of the family. For this and at the level of the Government, we have more broadly set up an Interministerial group and soon a plan will be presented with interventions in all sectors”, said the minister.

Finally, regarding issue of overt policing Yannis Oikonomou said that the current situation is not satisfactory, but as he pointed out: “We are trying, from the first moment, with targeted moves, where the most problems have been observed, to improve this situation and what I want to honestly say is that we are working on a plan – it won’t be long – which with the forces we have and we are strengthening, bringing in people from other services to put them in the field and by reorganizing the existing Services to have more visible and more effective policing and in terms of in the central and as far as the local branches in the Police Departments are concerned.”

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