Markos of “Erota fuga” becomes president of the USA with Michalis as his assistant


Stavros Svigos and Kostas Kazanas together on TV, together on the stage! The actors who star in the Open series “fugitive love” will share the stage of the Jenny Karezi theater in the show “November”.

By Nadias Rigatos

THE Stavros Svigos who achieves great success as the television Marcos and lives a love full of obstacles with Alexandra, transforms into Charles Smith, the President of the USA. His right hand Archer Brown, who will be played by Kostas Kazanass , the televangelist Michael the doctor from “Fleeing love”.

The premiere of the play is tomorrow Friday, November 10 at 21:00 at the Geni Karezi theater.

A few words about the project

White House, month of November. Pre-election season.

The apparently failed incumbent US President Charles P. Smith is seeking re-election. His first term is unequivocally and objectively judged as unsuccessful. Consequently, he is faced with his possible departure from the “position”. His financial backers have abandoned him and the polls give him very little chance of re-election.

In his quest to raise money to support his campaign, he engineers and pursues extravagant financial deals with representatives of the financial elite, while enlisting his communications specialist in an attempt to rewrite History itself in his favor.

Over the course of the plot, the president’s ventures comically swell through constant twists and turns to culminate in an explosively unpredictable finale with all the characters on stage and out of it.

The project exposes the financial deals of big lobbies, the spread of fake news (fake news) from governments to the people, as well as the complete indifference of the people in command towards human rights.

Re-vote him now.

Director’s Note:

We know David Mamet as a very perceptive writer who – consciously following and keeping pace with the ancient Tragedians – is not given to anyone. We don’t know him as a master of comedy. In the play “November”, however, he decides to prove the opposite. Through this frenetic and at times outrageous political comedy, following a crazy US president. in his bid for re-election, he reveals to us the farce that is played out behind closed doors, always victimizing citizens of every social status and identity.”Michalis Sionas

Author: David Mamet

Translation: Michalis Sionas

Directed by: Michalis Sionas

Sets – Costumes: Kenny McClellan

Lighting: Vassilis Klotsotiras

Music: Fotis Siotas

Director’s assistant: Angelos Nerantzis

They play:

Charles Smith, President of the United States: Stavros Svigos

Archer Brown, Right Hand of the President: Kostas Kazanas

Representative of the National Turkey Association: Nikos Tournakis

Clarice Bernstein, Communication Specialist: Maria Hanou

Dwight Crackle, Native American: Dimitris Raphaelos


Theater “Jeni Karezis”: Akadimias 3, 106 71 Athens, tel.: 2103636144, 2103644921

Start: November 10, 2023

Performance days: Wednesday 21:15, Friday 21:00, Saturday 18:30, Sunday 21:15

Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes

The article is in Greek

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