Faei Bakoiorgou: Twist in the murder case – Possible involvement of a fourth person – Newsbomb – News

Faei Bakoiorgou: Twist in the murder case – Possible involvement of a fourth person – Newsbomb – News
Faei Bakoiorgou: Twist in the murder case – Possible involvement of a fourth person – Newsbomb – News

New facts are coming to light about the murder of Fai Bakoiorgou

The developments in the case that has shocked the whole of Greece and concerns the murder of 23-year-old Faie Bakoiorgou in Kypseli in October 2021 are dramatic.

According to what MEGA revealed, a fourth person is allegedly involved in the case.

This is a man of Albanian nationality, 42 years old, who was allegedly an accomplice in various stories of criminal interest to the landlady, as reported by the MEGA report, and perhaps the man who transported the body of the unfortunate girl in a black jeep, that is, he has synergy to murder.

The man is not included in the indictment, however it is very likely that we will see him among the defendants.

As reported by MEGA, the 42-year-old man, on the night Faye was killed, allegedly took it upon himself to put her in the jeep and take her around 700 meters away from the house where the women lived and which is considered to be the scene of the crime.

The man is responsible for other cases, while he runs a steakhouse near the area where Faye lived with the accused.

As it became known, the three women accused of murdering the 23-year-old mother were arrested and taken to the investigator, where they asked for and received a deadline to apologize on Monday.

The case was revealed after an extensive investigation by a private investigator, who had been appointed by the father of the deceased young mother, Nikos Bakoyorgos.

Speaking to Alpha, Faye’s father initially stated: “Everything I could do I did, it seems I’m lucky that God put Harry Veramon on my path, because we were able to and we unraveled the whole mess to get here.”

When asked if he knew about the terrible living conditions of his daughter and her abuse which existed from both his ex-wife and his other daughter, Mr Bakoyorgos said: “They had me on another planet, they didn’t tell me what was really happening and neither did she. The only thing that piqued my curiosity is that from Easter 2021 onwards I didn’t see her again, because I saw my child 3-4 times a month just like her children.”

The three children have now been given to a foster family, while Nikos Bakoiorgos notes that he did not know his daughter’s third child and even mentions that “I found out by chance when I went to get a certificate of marital status.”

The father of Faie Bakoiorgou also has to face the fact that his other daughter allegedly participated in the murder of her sister and also in the torture she was subjected to every day while she was alive.

It’s the worst thing that I could suffer, everything in my life is destroyed, I did not expect it, I am speechless”says the father, who is shocked by the developments and declares “I have lost my mind”.

What’s wrong with the baby?

Meanwhile, the police looking for the baby which was carried by Faye, who in August 2021 was in her 8th month of pregnancy, which means that in the two months until her death the baby was born. However, there is no birth recorded anywhere, neither by caesarean section, nor by natural delivery, as the authorities have “combed” all the maternity hospitals and hospitals.

So, according to Alpha’s report, it is speculated that either the baby was stillborn, or was born and was taken and killed and buried somewhere, or given somewhere else and that’s why it’s not recorded anywhere.

At the same time, the homicide department went to the house where the 23-year-old lived with the three accused women and sprayed a liquid, which is called Blue star and it can show if there are traces and prints and there they found blood stains, which is examined to whom it belongs.

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