Shocked by the death of journalist Yannis Kranos

Shocked by the death of journalist Yannis Kranos
Shocked by the death of journalist Yannis Kranos

The journalist of the Municipal Radio of Ioannina, Yiannis Kranos, passed away suddenly, at the age of 52.

He was not facing any serious health problem and the news has shocked the local community.

Yiannis Kranos had worked as a journalist at the Epirus Radio Television (HRT) as well as at the local newspaper “Ineriosi”, while he was one of the original contributors and creators of the successful local site epirusgate. He was active politically with the youth of PASOK for several years. expresses its most sincere condolences to the relatives of the deceased.

Good luck, friend John!

Condolences from the Employees’ Association

In a message of condolence from the Ioannina Municipality Local Government Employees Association, of which the deceased was a member, the following are mentioned:There are no words to express our sadness for the unexpected death of our colleague Yannis Kranos, a worker at the Municipal Radio of Ioannina.

There are no words when a young person, a dear colleague, is lost so suddenly…

The employees of the Municipality of Ioannito are shocked by his loss.

The Board of Directors of the Association of Workers in the Municipalities of N. Ioannina, we express our sincere condolences to his partner, family and relatives“.

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