The Three Little Pigs in the Pantheon

The Three Little Pigs in the Pantheon
The Three Little Pigs in the Pantheon

“The three pigs”
12th year

The most interactive children’s show, presented for the 12th year, comes to Patras on 25/11 for only two performances

Kids will help the little pigs escape from the wolf, get into the game and star in the funniest children’s show of the last 12 years! An interactive show where young viewers live the fairy tale through the fairy tale itself. They help the little pigs escape from the bad wolf, sing and dance with the actors, make up their own story and star in it.

The Theatriki Diadrasi company specializes in interactive shows for children. Its goal is to give children the opportunity for an experiential experience in the theater, through their participation in the story unfolding in front of them, and to feel the pleasant feeling of achievement that contributes to the development of self-confidence.

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Duration: 65′ (without intermission)

The show is aimed at ages 02-08.

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The Three Little Pigs in the Pantheon

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