Patras: The event on Oral hygiene and cancer was a success

Patras: The event on Oral hygiene and cancer was a success
Patras: The event on Oral hygiene and cancer was a success

09 Nov 2023 22:30

On Wednesday November 1st

The scientific event held in the Agora was a particular success
Argyris from the Patras Branch of the Hellenic Cancer Society and Mr
Dental Association of Achaia on Wednesday November 1, 2023 on the subject

The purpose of the event was to raise public awareness and disseminate valid information
scientific data, so that everyone can become a recipient of knowledge that we often neglect
to put into practice, in our daily life, in order to prevent damages and damages to
this very sensitive organ of the human body called the oral cavity.

The experts on the subject Mrs. Miranda Alexopoulou Director of the oral department
of maxillofacial surgery of the G.P.N.P. Ms. Vassiliana Dendrinou Dentist,

member of the Board of Directors of the Dental Association and Mrs Velva Mitropoulou Dentist,
presented in detail the problems affecting the oral cavity not only of
of oncological patients undergoing treatment but also of every person in general and
focused on the points that need special attention, from the patients themselves
and their companions and from ordinary citizens.

Many times the negligence and lack of attention in the care of the oral cavity
shows in the foreground serious problems with costs primarily in health, but also in
finances of each family.

In summary, from the many that were mentioned, Mrs. Miranda Alexopoulou pointed out that the
oncological treatments with specific classes of drugs such as bisphosphonates,
antiangiogenic and antiosteolytic, it has been found that they may present oral
complications and specifically necrosis of the jaw bone mainly after operations e.g.
extraction of teeth. The timely notification of both patients receiving such drugs and
lifelong awareness of the physicians involved in the problem can reduce substantially
the appearance of the disease.

Prevention is the most important treatment. Detailed dental examination of patients
is necessary so that any blockages, endodontic treatments, gingivitis treatment or
periodontitis, extractions, to be done before starting treatment. The collaboration between him
treating physician and the dentist or maxillofacial surgeon in cases of operations on
patients taking these drugs is essential and can prevent progression
of osteonecrosis.

Mrs. Vassiliana Dendrinou and Velva Mitropoulou reported oral diseases
and in benign conditions, in dental care and focused public attention
in the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of any damage-diseases.
Smoking, drinking alcohol, poor oral hygiene, the human virus
papillomas, chronic wounds and a variety of precancerous lesions are factors that
contribute to the appearance of many unpleasant situations and must be visited

to the dentist as soon as something abnormal is detected in the oral cavity,
regardless of whether it bothers us or not.

Coordinators of the event with their own important remarks were Mr. Dimitrios
Kardamakis vice-president of the Branch of Patras E.A.E. and Mr. Georgios Moutousis
president of the Dental Association of Achaia.

The comments from Mr. Charalambos Kalofonos were excellent and very useful
oncologist Emeritus Professor of Medicine Univ. Patras, Mrs. Despina Spyropoulou
Assistant Professor of Medicine Univ. Patron and Mr. Stavros Kyriopoulos Orthodontist.
A discussion and many questions from the audience followed.

The event was honored with their presence and the event was greeted by the Presidents from
and many others .

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Patras: The event on Oral hygiene and cancer was a success

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