Friday’s Severe Weather: Where Storms Will Hit

Friday’s Severe Weather: Where Storms Will Hit
Friday’s Severe Weather: Where Storms Will Hit

The weather scene changes from Friday (10/11) in the largest part of the country with the main characteristics of heavy rains and stormsas well as them strong winds.

As reported by ERT meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglou, from dawn her Friday we will have rains in the west and clouds in the central and southwestern parts of the country until noon.

Rains and storms we will have in:

  • Ionian Islands,
  • Western Peloponnese and
  • from noon onwards the bulk of the phenomena will affect the Peloponnese, the Sterea, Attica, Evia and even the Sporades.

In the evening the storms will “split” in two with the phenomena being located in the west of the country, in the Aegean and in the eastern islands.

According to the forecast of Sakis Arnautoglou, at Attica on friday there will be some clouds, which will quickly thicken and there will be some showers, rains or even storms. It is not excluded, in placesthese phenomena have one intense character.

During the hours of occurrence of these phenomena, Southerners are not excluded to reach all 6 Beauforts. The temperature will range from 14 to 21 degrees in the Attica basin.

Gradually the weather from Friday night will show improvement.

According to a post by the meteorologist Yannis Kallianoutwo consecutive bad weathers are coming.

“One on Friday – Saturday and the other on Monday (13/11). Their characteristics will be the rains, the strong storms but also the strengthened southers which will reach 8-9 Beaufort”.

The weather Friday – Saturday

According to the EMY, worsening the weather will show from midday on Friday (10/11) until late Saturday night (11/11) with heavy rains and storms, which will be accompanied by hail and a high frequency of lightning, initially in the Ionian Islands and the western Peloponnese and gradually to the rest of the west.

The phenomena will gradually extend towards the central and northern continents as well as the eastern Aegean. The winds on the seas will be strong.
More detail:

Heavy rain and storms are forecast:

On Friday (10-11-23)

  • From noon in the Ionian, Epirus, Western Mainland and Western Peloponnese.
  • From the afternoon hours, the rest of Sterea and Peloponnese, the islands of the Eastern Aegean and possibly the southern parts of Thessaly will be affected.

On Saturday (11-11-23)

  • From the morning hours in the northern Ionian, Epirus, western Macedonia, western Sterea, the southern parts of the Eastern Peloponnese and Kythira.
  • From noon in central Macedonia, eastern Macedonia and possibly Thrace.
  • Towards the evening the phenomena will weaken in most areas and will be limited to the islands of the eastern Aegean and the Dodecanese.

Winds southerly winds of intensity 7 to 8 Beaufort will blow in the Aegean from the morning hours of Saturday (11-11-23) until the late afternoon.


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