Murder of 23-year-old Faye: The disgusting “performance” of her mother when…

Murder of 23-year-old Faye: The disgusting “performance” of her mother when…
Murder of 23-year-old Faye: The disgusting “performance” of her mother when…

For the murder of her 23-year-old daughter, Fais Bakoiorgouher mother has been arrested, along with her sister and the landlady, shocking the whole of Greece.

The unfortunate 23-year-old was found dead in Kypseliin October 2021, wrapped in a blanket…

At the time, her mother said she was devastated by the tragic outcome of her daughter’s disappearance, speaking in Mega.

Suspicions had already begun to fall on her, with the journalist asking her if she knew there were developments in the case. At the time, it did not occur to the accused mother that she herself would be arrested…

“I had heart failure. I was airlifted from where I was at work, I came to Athens and I’m in Thriasio. And he took out a tumor in my kidney and we’re going for surgery. And let me go girl, I’m not worried. Half of my heart is already dead. And so I don’t care about anything,” she said, clearly shocked.

“I haven’t worked at all since the summer because of my own. I’m wearing masks, with oxygen, with things. They’re all here (s.s.: the other two defendants), one by one, one by one. But me because I don’t I want, at night I drive her away”.

As the 23-year-old’s mother reported at the time, her psychology was bad, while she stated that her child is not coming back…

“Psychology does not exist, nothing exists. Nothing. That’s where it is, that’s where they started, because I had my first heart attack, because they found it two to two and a half years ago. In fact, thank you very much. On October 9 I died, on July 18 I was reborn.”

“Fine, I find out who did all this or who. And?”

Indirectly but clearly she was stating that she didn’t… care to know who killed her child.

“Isn’t that an irony? A very great irony. My psyche is lost, there’s no girl. I’m in such a state of mind that I don’t know. That’s how I feel like freaking out. Fine, I find out who did all this or who. And; And; Did they get my child back? Nobody,” he said.

“Sure it will be a justification, but for me it doesn’t change anything. In the dirt, in the dirt it will always be. And then in a little bag. Just the things. I don’t want it, it hurts me. At night I don’t sleep. Do you know how I feel? Me they have killed not once, but four times. Along with my Faye and her children,” he concluded.

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