Road of dangerous… track in Larissa – The nerves, the arguments and the chaotic situation (photo)


One of the most central roads in Larissa that receives a large load of vehicles every day as it is one of the largest arteries of the city, has a double traffic lane (one way) but now only one is used almost exclusively, sometimes the left and sometimes the right and not because some works are being carried out, but also because some Larissa drivers have created improvised parking spaces by themselves.

Now protests and complaints to, they are increasing because of the lawless situation that prevails on this particular road.

Pedestrians, drivers and shopkeepers are at their limits seeing that there is impunity with the phenomenon increasing day by day.

Clearly, the problem of parking in the city creates more and more difficulties, making everyday life difficult for everyone.

“Every day we see the phenomenon with countless parked cars and even trucks in the right lane of Papanastasiou Street. Now unscrupulous drivers also park on the left. The result is that it takes 15 minutes to travel a distance of 500-700 meters by car, while at the same time there are countless dangers. Either pedestrians are swept away or there are minor crashes between the cars entering and exiting the “parking spaces” on the traffic lane. That is why the municipal authority is responsible for doing absolutely nothing for years now and has even given us the right to park there as we know that there is not the slightest chance of a fine, as the law requires”, says a citizen of Larissa and a reader of our electronic newspaper.

See photos:

PHOTO: Kostas Tsiaras


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