Chania: This was the pilot of the fatal glider


“He may have become disoriented.” This is what its president speculates Chania Aeroclub, Panagiotis Tzarakistrying to explain the fatal accident with the glider that crashed in Chania, open to him Let’s argueas a result be killed the two occupants.

As announced by Mr. Tzarakis, one of the passengers, the pilot of the light Savannah type aircraftwas the Theodoros Pantospresident of the Aeroclub of Western Greece.

glider Chania
This is said to have been the ill-fated Savannah-type light aircraft

Speaking to the local media of Crete, Panagiotis Tzarakis said: “His name was Theodoros Pantos, he was president of the Western Greece Aeroclub. He has no connection with the games, nor would he take part. Someone was waiting for him in Maleme from another airport and he informed us that he was delayed.”

He then claimed that “while he was headed to Souda airport, he went to Maleme. There are no conditions for a night landing here, nor did his plane have such capabilities, and I don’t think he was trained for a night landing.”

Theodoros Pantos Chania glider
Chania Glider

When asked how the accident happened, Mr. Tzarakis speculated that the pilot disoriented: “He turned to land and probably got disoriented. He probably thought he was flying level but he was heading out to sea. Because I saw the crash, it was so intense that there’s no way they could have done anything.”

The chronicle of the tragedy

Tragedy occurred in Chania in Creteas one fell glider with two passengers, open to her beach in Maleme. A short time later, divers retrieved them from the seabed without the senses them and were transferred to hospital.

Chania Glider
Glider Chania
Chania Glider

THE mobilization of the Fire Department was immediate while at the point of his boats Coast Guard they conducted investigations. The EKAV was also mobilized, while an order had been given to stand up as well helicopter of EKSED.

As Creta24 reported, lifeguards and boat divers rushed to the scene, while from Coast Guard three ships were informed and rushed to the sea area as can be seen from the recording in

Marine Traffic

The aircraft with the two occupants had take off from the area of ​​Kopaida with destination airport in Maleme, which is used by such small aircraft. But because it was dark, the pilot made a turn over it Kolymbari with the intention of approaching the runway from the seaward side, but suddenly his signal was lost.

According to, at sea ​​a small light was initially visible, showing where the glider had crashed. However, more recent information indicated that the light was lost, meaning that it had sunk.

Chania Glider
Chania Glider
Chania Glider

They were breathing at the scene winds 2 Beauforts.

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