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The homeless woman of Korai square who loves books, is asking for our help

The homeless woman of Korai square who loves books, is asking for our help
The homeless woman of Korai square who loves books, is asking for our help

One of the many short stories that make up the mosaic of our fellow citizens living in our cities under the regime of poverty, trying to survive with their meager possessions, was brought to the surface by Minas Kasitseresposting this text on his personal Facebook account, from where it was reposted on Twitter:

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“In Korai Square, there is a homeless Greek woman, Nicoleta, whom I have met in recent years (she has been homeless for 13 years), who loves reading. I have caught her many times reading a book while lying on her things.

“Where do you find the books?”, I asked her the last time.

“Well, every time someone, who sees me reading, brings me one. Sometimes more interesting, sometimes less. Well, what I’m reading now isn’t that interesting, but I don’t have anything else, so necessarily… I’m also curious to see “where the author will go”!
And after reading them, I in turn give them to others.
I used to have mine too, which I took with me in a suitcase from my library back home before I became homeless. But one day it was stolen and I lost everything, about 20 books. And he annoyed me more about a certain one, which I was reading at the time and I liked it very much, but because of the theft I didn’t finish it, and I never found it again. But I hope!”…

This book was “WE SEARCHED FOR PEOPLE AND FOUND SHADOWS… THE MYSTERY OF TOXICOMANIA” by Katerina Matsa, published by Agra.

I promised her that I would look for it in the various gift groups, etc. And there I thought, that it would be good not to reach out just for this book, which she is looking for, but in general. We all have some old books, which maybe we don’t want anymore, but at the same time we can’t find where else to give them. Well, one of them, we can leave it to this woman (who in turn, when she reads it, will leave it elsewhere). She mainly likes literature, psychology, religion etc.

Nicoleta is located outside Kotsovolos, on the sidewalk in front of the Stadium (opposite Klathmonos square, 11:00-14:00 and then from 21:30 onwards. At other times, during the day, again somewhere there in the wider area of ​​Korai it circulates (often outside the metro – University and elsewhere).

Sometimes, we can do something good, which is simple, but at the same time very important!…

Note Photo taken and published with her permission”


The needs of our homeless fellow citizens they are not limited to basic-materials, which of course are the priority in terms of the help they need. There is also the very important spiritual and social part. Certainly a conversation we can have with them or a book we can offer them, may not solve the problems of living in poverty and on the street, but it can work beneficially to give them an extra push to face these problems. difficulties.

You can find homeless shelters at the following links:

Homeless Center | Reception and Solidarity Center of the Municipality of Athens

The Versatile Homeless Center of the Municipality of Athens is a modern structure open 24 hours a day. It is located at the junction of Acharna & Liosion streets and

Open Homeless Day Centers – Praksis

The PRAKSIS Open Homeless Day Centers are located in Athens and Piraeus. They are open direct access structures to address the basic needs of the population experiencing homelessness and provide primary health care, personal care and hygiene services, as well as interconnection with other services.

Bedroom | Social Integration Structures

Welcome to the network of Structures of the Region of Attica – Find out about the Social Integration Structures in your area – Look for the structure that will help you according to your needs – Benefit from the services provided by the structures.

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