Bellucci: “Thank you Greece, this wonderful country” – What she confided about her life, from Thessaloniki

Bellucci: “Thank you Greece, this wonderful country” – What she confided about her life, from Thessaloniki
Bellucci: “Thank you Greece, this wonderful country” – What she confided about her life, from Thessaloniki

“I don’t fight against time, because if I do, I will lose” Monica Bellucci said with a smile this morning in Thessaloniki, to emphasize “I’m not always in front of the lights, I also like the shadow”.

Monica Bellucci is in Thessaloniki, as part of the Thessaloniki Film Festival. Wearing a black trench coat and belt cinched around her waist, black high-heeled suede Louboutin boots and slicked-back hair, a smiling and cheerful Monica Bellucci met reporters in a festival hall.

“I’m not like this in the morning, I don’t wake up in high heels and make-up,” said Monica Bellucci, declaring herself completely reconciled to her almost 60 years. “It’s luck to grow up, to wake up in the morning, to see your children, I’m lucky. Family, friends, work give me life.”

In her conversation with the head of the festival’s program, Giorgos Krassakopoulos, Monica Bellucci talked about cinema, the film about Kallas, which she presented on Wednesday in Thessaloniki, women, her passions.

Monica Bellucci at the Thessaloniki Film Festival – The iefimerida at the Olympia for the Italian star [βίντεο]

Thessaloniki: Queues outside the Olympian for Bellucci – “Monica, selfie!” [βίντεο]

“Thank you to this wonderful country,” said Monica Bellucci

When asked about her daily life, the Italian star stated that she has a real life, and this she acquired while growing up, while she stated that her relationships are the most important thing she has. “Give and receive love”, that’s the important thing.

Photo: Konstantinos Tsakalidis / SOOC

Regarding her work, she noted that she doesn’t make shots, her films are a collaboration of things, and that she works with the same zeal as small directors or big productions.

“I always give all my energy,” said Monica Bellucci. “Things come by themselves, and if I learn from them, it’s ideal. I want to live in everything I do, as for example when I played Callas in Herodion, under the moon, with an orchestra conducted by Giorgos Petros. I really thank Greece, I thank this wonderful country,” said Monica Bellucci.

Her life advice

Undoubtedly, the questions revolved around her personal affairs, love, her children.

“My daughter advises me,” said Bellucci, while regarding her own life advice, she said that love is everything, love for our people, for work and that the most important thing is to find the passion that it will keep you alive. “This is also the advice I give to my children,” said Monica Bellucci, who stated that she falls in love as a woman, and that she feels safe working with women.

On the future of internet and platform cinema, Monica Bellucci, speaking softly and tilting her head back, looking up ahead, said: “Looking down at the cinema screen in a black room, you dream, and this does not change”.


Immediately after her today’s interview, Monica Bellucci visited the warehouses in the port of Thessaloniki, while she was also guided to the exhibition of the festival, entitled “Ghosts”.

Tonight, Thursday, Monica Bellucci will receive the honorary Golden Alexander of the festival, while she will watch a special screening of the film “Malena” (2000), by Giuseppe Tornatore.

Monica Bellucci for Maria Callas

Monica Bellucci, a symbol of timeless beauty, one of the brightest stars of world cinema and an official guest of this year’s Thessaloniki Film Festival, attended the packed Olympian on Wednesday night, as part of the screening of the hybrid film “Maria Callas: letters and memories” , by Tom Wolfe and Yiannis Dimolitsa, where he stars.

“This project was an experience. I am grateful to have played Callas, she touched me, she was a diva and at the same time a woman with a heart that still inspires today. She had the courage to fight for her career, followed her heart and got a divorce, something almost forbidden for her.”

“I have Greece deep inside me”

“I am very excited. Thank you very much for this invitation. As you know, I have Greece deep in my heart. I don’t want to explain the movie, you will discover it yourself. I hope you enjoy the screening and thank you again,” Monica Bellucci said on stage at the Olympia on Wednesday.

The famous Italian actress was welcomed by the artistic director of the Thessaloniki Film Festival, Orestis Andreadakis.

“Good evening, buona sera signora Bellucci! The film we will see today, ”Maria Callas: letters and memories”, captures a single part of the enormous personality of Maria Callas, having as its protagonist another blinding personality, Monica Bellucci, said Orestis Andreadakis initially, before invited Yiannis Dimolitsa to the stage, who presented the film to the audience.

Monica Bellucci will stay until tomorrow in Thessaloniki and is staying in a boutique hotel on the beach, under which a crowd of people is flocking for a photo with her.

Photo: Konstantinos Tsakalidis / SOOC

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