She wrapped 15,000 euros in aluminum foil to “save” her daughter in a village in Larissa

She wrapped 15,000 euros in aluminum foil to “save” her daughter in a village in Larissa
She wrapped 15,000 euros in aluminum foil to “save” her daughter in a village in Larissa

The action of fraudsters who have absolutely no qualms about causing a shock, terrorizing elderly people with the ultimate aim of extorting money or gold proves to be abysmal. The fraudsters, as recorded in the competent Services of the Hellenic Police, operate almost every day in the area and unfortunately in several cases they achieve their goal, withdrawing small or large sums of money which concern a lifetime’s savings. Elderly women are falling prey to unscrupulous fraudsters who rely on road accident scams, scammers who phone the early hours of the morning to surprise would-be victims by telling them their children must pay to either have immediate surgery or escape the consequences of the law after causing a fatal accident. accident with a small child as a victim.

Also yesterday, according to information from “E”, unknown perpetrators were secretly calling residents of villages in the prefecture, where, on the occasion of existing financial payment warrants from the Region of Thessaly, they were requesting bank accounts from the beneficiaries. Against in one version, the fraudsters extract, for example, existing data from the “Diaygeia” program and, citing data such as the beneficiary’s tax identification number, use them in the telephone communication with the freelancer and potential victim, in order to extract confidential bank data from them, and then, freedmen manage the accounts remotely, transferring sums of money to their accomplices.

At the same time, frauds with alleged surgeries and alleged traffic accidents are on the rise. Last week they had defrauded two elderly women by extracting 10,000 euros and 6,500 euros, while a PPC “technician” stole the sum of 50,000 euros, 20 golden pounds and jewelry of great value from the apartment of an elderly woman.

Among other cases, last Saturday they defrauded an 85-year-old resident of a village in the Municipality of Killeler, extracting 10,000 euros. The unknown perpetrator called the 85-year-old woman and, pretending to be a doctor, told her that her daughter had a “serious accident” and that she was “hospitalized” injured on her leg. In order to restore her trauma, according to information from “E”, he told her that she “needs a graft” the purchase of which… ranges from 10,000 euros to 30,000 euros.

Distraught, the 85-year-old collected 10,000 euros she had at home, told the “doctor” her address, and a little later, an associate of the fraudster arrived at the old woman’s house and, without speaking at all, took the money and left.

When the 85-year-old returned home, upset, she called her relatives to find out that her real daughter was in good health.


Yesterday at noon, an 86-year-old woman was defrauded in another village of the Municipality of Killeler. In yesterday’s case, the fraudster pretended to be a police officer, telling the 86-year-old that her daughter “caused” a traffic accident that resulted in the death of an 8-year-old child. This is how he convinced her that her daughter can get rid of the consequences of the law and in this way he got her 15,000 euros, money that came from her pension savings.

According to “E” information, a little later, a female accomplice of the fraudster appeared outside the 85-year-old’s house, who even introduced herself as “Barbara” and took the 15,000 euros, banknotes that the 86-year-old had wrapped in aluminum foil. “Varvara” left on foot, while the 86-year-old realized the fraud against her later, in the afternoon of the same day, when her daughter called her, to realize that she had not been involved in any traffic accident.

The two victims filed a lawsuit against the unknown perpetrators, reporting the fraud to the Larissa Security Directorate, which is investigating the case.

Source: Eleftheria newspaper (V. Kakaras)

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