Plane crash in Chania: “The passengers were found strapped to their seats” – Newsbomb – News

Plane crash in Chania: “The passengers were found strapped to their seats” – Newsbomb – News
Plane crash in Chania: “The passengers were found strapped to their seats” – Newsbomb – News

Mayor Platanias on about the tragedy in Maleme, Chania, where the pilot and passenger of a twin-engine aircraft lost their lives after falling into the sea… right next to the runway.

One’s flight turned into a tragedy of a twin-engine aircraft in Chania, which crashed in a maritime area a few meters away from the Maleme air club in Chania. Two people were on board the aircraft, the pilot and the passenger, who died tragically.

The two unfortunate youths were found by a private boat in the presence of a Coast Guard officer, unconscious and tied to their seats.

The Mayor of Platanias, Mr. Malandrakis Ioannis spoke to about the tragedy that happened on the evening of Thursday, November 9 in Maleme, Chania and revealed the history of the incident

“At 18:05 to 18:10 it was dusk, there was a report from a couple who saw the aircraft falling 200 meters from the coast of the Historic Airport. The aircraft went down on its front end. The Coast Guard and the Greek Police were immediately informed and at 18:30 we. We notified lifeguards to go out in their own boat. They arrived at the scene and in constant communication with boats, lifeguards and Police beacons from the land they went to the place where it fell”, said the Mayor initially.

As the Mayor reveals, on there was a light on the plane that turned on before it sank and they could see it. This light then went out and they realized that it had already sunk. “It sank to a depth of two and a half meters, not even 300 meters from the shore, parallel to the runway. He thought he was going to land on the runway and ended up falling into the sea.”

The lifeguard on board reported finding the plane and he even dived without a diving suit and found the two men with breaths. Unfortunately “spotted the two men strapped into their seats, the pilot and the passenger”said Mayor Platanias characteristically.

He added that “there is a report that they passed the airport and went west and lost their orientation with the front part in the sea and crashed.”

Mr. Malandrakis speaking to stated that there is no lighting at Maleme airport and aircraft of this type are not allowed to fly at night. The twin engine should have landed at “Daskalogiannis” airport in Chania.

The aircraft took off from Kopaida and reports say it wanted to participate in or see the events scheduled at the Maleme air club.

The Lifeguard who found the two people: “They were tied up they had made no attempt to get out – They had bumps”

Lifeguard Pavlos Litinakis described the dramatic hours and how the two victims of the accident were located.

As he mentions the president of Chania Aeroclub Panagiotis Tzarakis on the local websites, it is unknown why the pilot did not land at Chania airport and headed to Maleme airport which is not suitable for night use. However, he believes that the pilot got disoriented due to the night and fell into the sea.

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